Glitter fingers, talenthouse submission, cinema, pinkberry, dads birthday cake.

Been having a pretty lazy weekend my best friend came around on Friday for a cheap, movie and munch night in and yesterday was my Dads birthday so had cake (Guinness chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting which my sister made, so good!) and an Indian take away, standard procedure. Other then that I've pretty much felt like sleeping as I've no energy, time of month and all that, sometimes it sucks to be a girl... candles, bubble bath and hot water bottle are a god send though. I have been busy listing lots of things on Ebay though, it really is a pain and a blessing at the same time. It's free listing weekend so I've been busy listing lots of clothes, shoes and accessories, such a long process though, wah.

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Ciara Baron said...

Beautiful photographs.
It seems to me that everyone is loving frozen yogurt at the moment, I've never tried it!

Jaymie said...

ah its my fave, i like snog fro yo to but pink berry has the edge ever since i had it in ny xx

Kfedland said...

Ebay really is so annoying! It's great when you get the money, but such an effort taking snaps, listing it then taking a trip to the post office! Bleurgh.
your weekend sounds amazing.. well I think the curry did it for me! I hope you feel better soon Jaymie. Mwah x

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Your photos are gorgeous, and I want to virtually eat that cake. YUM!



sounds like the perfect weekend! Love your artwork for the florence & the machine thing! x

Kate said...

that frozen yoghurt looks amazing! x

Tegan said...

OMG that cake looks sooooo good! my boyfriend's been trying to get me to watch the artist with him, only just watched the trailer and it looks pretty good! love the glittery artwork as well xo