I'm not going to sing about stars to you


1. Mulled Wine 2. Stuart trying to turn his tree lights on 3. tree lights! 4. slippers \m/ 5. Stocking 6. Michael Buble 'home for christmas' 6 & 7 Dream catcher and Star, presents from my friend Emma.  

1. This weekend was full of festivity as you would expect with Christmas being so close. On saturday afternoon, I went to my friend Stuarts house for a gathering which involved lots of mulled wine, hot cider, gingerbread biscuits and the muppets christmas carol. Then yesterday I briefly saw my girl Sally to exchange gifts and watch more festive films (not watching anything else right now!) drank hot chocolate and ate chocolate orange muffins, so good! 

2. In the week lead up to christmas me and my sister started a new tradition last year. We hang stockings from our bedroom doors and place a small gift in each others every night. So far I have received some PVA glue (really needed it!) a 'By Jaymie' stamper and some nail varnish remover wipes. 

3. After being ill all last week with the flu and spending most of my time under my duvet, I gave into temptation and opened my presents that Emma had sent me. She's such a lovely girl and I really consider her a good friend, I'm so glad I got the chance to meet her this year when I went to the ldn blogger meet up. Definitely one of my new year hopes is to meet up more with the wonderful people I've meet this year and the ones I haven't had a chance to meet yet, such as Olivia, Ella and Abby to name a few. 

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dinoprincesschar said...

ooh, i haven't got the christmassy feeling yet but i'm hoping soon..

Anonymous said...

Love these! The cookies are too cute! I have that calendar! It's really irritating though because they've called Frosty the snow man Clyde?!

English-Exile said...

Hey Jaymie,

Cute, cosy pictures! Thanks for your comment... I'm following you, be great if you'd follow me back since I'm a newbie!

Look forward to reading your posts!

H x

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Love the festive highlights of your weekend!

Red Soles and Red Wine

Emma Harold said...

I'm so pleased you like the presents :) I can not wait for more meet ups next year and our little trips :) xxx