This picture makes me absurdly happy, genuine, belly, hearty laughter... theres not much better.

When I look back on 2011 in many ways it was actually a pretty amazing year in respects that I got to visit my most favourite place, NYC for the second time with my bffl and I went on holiday to Kenya for one of the best experiences. I've also been to some amazing gigs, theatre shows, fun days to london and brighton. But 2011 also brought some of the worst weeks I've ever had to experience with losing my Grandmother in October, it hit me so hard and I will still miss her with every coming day. I've met some amazing people this year who I consider to be good friends of mine now from the blogging world and I hope to meet lots of the ones I didn't have chance to this year. I've opened my Jewellery by Jaymie shop and have been working hard on designs and making pieces. In 2012 I want to learn more about jewellery making, maybe take some classes and practice with different materials and equipment, I've recently been talking a lot to Faye who is the created of Wired Jewellery (beautiful pieces that i need in my life!) and we want to have a jewellery making/ inspiration/ lesson day which would be incredible. I've also embarked on freelancing full time and entering the world of self employment, thanks to the support of my family and creative peers!

I decided that to summarise and have a roundup of the year, anwsering some questions inspired by my lovely girl Vic (she said it was okay) which she posted on her blog. If you want to know anything more or have any over questions don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me :)

1. What was your "2011" look?
 My 'look' was still very much true to myself. Still full of contradictions boy meets girl, preppy rocker, prim and punk etc and it's no secret I'm a 60s, mod loving look fan. Pretty much always got my feline flicks and pink lips. My hairs changed a few times this year. From longer ombre, to dark, to shorter, longer bits at front etcccc. Seriosly considering growing my hair again and thinking i'm going to balayage once more. I 
really want pink hair and to wear fun wigs, maybe my 2012 look...

Feeling the burn, remember when i got a nice nasty sunburn on my chest and back? Still got tan marks on my back from it...

Tried some new hats...

Experimented with different make-up... 

2. Favourite store of 2011?
I've bought quite a bit from ASOS this year. They've been my all rounder shop of 2011, So many pretty dress, collars, shirts, shoes, coats. mmm love. 

3. My style icon of 2011?  
Constant icons of mine are Twiggy, Alexa Chung and Audrey Hepburn. I've also been coveting Coco Sumner, Audrey Tatou as Coco in 'coco before chanel' Fearne Cotton and Charlotte Free for her pink hair in particular. 

4. What have you been listening to this year?
Mainly Foster the people, Ed Sheeran, Mystery Jets and She and Him. 

5. Top 3 films of the year?
Submarine, Hangover part 2 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. There was so many film I wanted to see at the end of this year like Hugo and My week with Marilyn and I never got the chance, gutted!

6. Favourite tv series?
I really got into the new Pan Am series. Oh to be an air hostess in 1950s america would be incred. Can't wait to start watching 'New Girl' I love Zooey Deschannel and pretty much anything she in is going to be amazing. 

7. Sum the year up in less than 30 words.
new york, illustrating, making jewellery, opened a shop, kenya, safari, fed a monkey, lost my grandma, left my job, started freelancing, met some lovely people. (if this makes you laugh don't worry... I chuckled at fed a monkey, lost my grandma. Laughter is the best medicine!)

8. Top beauty product of 2011?
Brow zings by benefit, my face isn't complete without filling my eyebrows in. The tail end of my eyebrow is lighter then the front bit and when I got them waxed and shaped a couple years ago she said i should tint them but doesn't last all that long so I can never be bothered really. I also bought Nars blush in orgasm when I was in New York and it is definitely a firm favourite, I'm a fan of pink hue blushes and that marie antoinette look haha. Oh and my sigma make-up brushes!

9. The 2011 smell?
Still rocking my jimmy choo and daisy by marc jacobs but i'm loving vera wang princess as well which I use to put on when I worked in perfumery all the time. 

10. Moment that you will remember most from the year?
I have a few but generally most of them are from my trip to New York in feburary with my bestie and spending our time in radio city and outside of rock feller centre and then theres my holiday to kenya this summer, two big memories from this is my safari and seeing all the animals for the first time, seeing lions close up and the excitement, laughter and pain as we drove up to them and got thrashed about, watching elephants bathe in the watering hole outside our lodge and being about a foot away from an elephant when I came out of a toilet, amazing. 

11. What I hope for the next year?
I want to continue blogging and enjoying it as much as I do now, working harder on my writing and providing interesting content whilst still staying true to what 'By Jaymie' is, gaining more valuable followers and readers who genuinely want to read or look at my blog or work. I want to meet lots of new people that I have been talking to the past year and formed bonds with and get to know them IRL. Continue to work hard, strive for my dreams and to have a very successful, exciting and happy year. More trips, gigs and traveling please!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year whatever you're doing, be safe and happy. Don't go out with the intent it will be the 'best night evahhhh' as this is always the set up for an anti-climatic fail of a night, i know from experience, now I just roll with it. 

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Annarack said...

What a great post. I hope you have a very Happy New Year.

Keep up the good work...your illustrated necklaces are amazing!!!

Jaymie said...

thanks lovely!
and regarding tweet glad the last photo booth mirror image photo makes you chuckle ;) literally in stitches when i use photo booth and make weird photos its one of my favourite things ever.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! It sounds like you've had your ups and downs this year, but overall pretty exciting :) I think your art and jewellery is all amazing, and I hope you have a very happy 2012! xxx

dan said...

lovely post, looking forward to carrying on reading next year :) xx

Vicky said...

Ahhh youre pics of Kenya and New York look amazing!! And second Coco Sumner, I was obsessed with her music couple of years ago! HAPPY NEW YEAR hug to you sweetie xxxx

LeighFreda. said...

Love this post! You've achieved a lot this year and had some great times! I wish you an even better 2012! Happy new year :) xxxx