I had a really lovely birthday and you can expect a photo heavy post of sharing haha. Bur this is just some snippets of what I wore... eating breakfast in my onesie whilst drinking bucks fizz, My sparkly red nails being showcased whilst trying to detain kurt the hamster, My eyes which seemed even bigger then usual, accessorise headband tied in a bow, pearl and hot air balloon necklace and cobalt blue misguided lace dress.

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musicandmollie said...

i love the headband! awh, your hamster's so cute haha, glad you had a good birthday! :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

Charlie Murray, Charlestown Vintage said...

Ah I'm glad you had a lovely birthday!! How was Wizard of Oz? I'm so jealous!!
That onesie looks so comfy and snuggly!!
Charlestown, xoxo

Kate said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday! Love the onesie! x said...

So glad you had a lovely birthday (I forgot to say it yesterday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!).

Kurt is too cute!

Temporary:Secretary said...

Can't wait to read your birthday post! Enjoy the rest of the weekend! x

Lizzy said...

Belated Happy Birthday! I love your onesie, and your hamster is just adorable!

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Very nice pics <33


k f e d l a n d said...

Ok so I'm being really gay by commenting on two posts, but I don't careee because I want your hamster thanks. x

LeighFreda. said...

Awww I want that hamster, adorable! Your outfit with dress and headband is lovely! xx

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

you are so gorgeous. & your hampster is the cuetest! I've always wanted one but I doubt it would work out with my cats! <3