his dark materials


Please let me know if any of these photos belong to you so I can credit or remove, thanks.

I had my hair cut last night, I know have a full fringe again, a la Daisy Lowe style, I also used this picture of Kate Beckinsale with her fake bob as inspiration, I wanted long bits at front but not graduated and once over it I'll just get my friend who did my hair to lop them off. We also drank bucks fizz and watched the lady in red tourettes video and listened to the most cringe christmas song byJustin Bieber... he raps. Oh my. I finished two commissions, watched the latest Pan Am and then settled down for the evening watching Gremlins, some things about being skint and on a variable spending ban (which I am) who'd have funk it, but I'm actually really resenting spending money at the moment apart from paying things off, I finished paying my Brother for my MacBook and anything else I borrowed off him. I've really been thinking a lot the past couple of weeks and I really want to just work for myself for a bit from home and concentrate on gaining experience, commissions, sending off work to agents and just really focusing on my artwork and jewellery, without hindrance of a job I hate right now, there's so much crap going around there, ah. In some ways want to do it when I don't have the obligations that others may have off owning their own house, kids etc. Anyone have any help or thoughts? 

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Rachel, Cold Knees said...

oh yay I want to see your new hair :) lovely photos. When I saw the title of the post I started thinking about the books, I loved them! Justin Bieber rapping? I don't think my ears could stand it. As for any thoughts.. well I jacked in my job that I hated, steadily running out of money but doing volunteering stuff that is more up my street. If you have stuff to do at home, your art etc, it gives you a focus. I hope it works out for you! It is hard not having money though. Do you have a part time job? I was thinking of getting one, although I'm a bit picky..
Sorry for the long comment! xo

Jaymie said...

ah no don't be silly love long comments :) thank you!
will take a photo of my hair tomorrow when I do it nicely haha.
Oh god it is the most cringey song its the a rub a pum pum song lol oh god.
I work 4 days a week at the moment 9-6 in perfumery. It would suck not having that income but I would be making commission money but obviously not always steady eeke.

Dancing Branflake said...

I agree- photos of the hair please! And these photos are so gorgeous. Wow!

k f e d l a n d said...

I want to see your hairrrrrrrr :-) I bet you look a right fitty!
I love the photos, they're all so beautiful.x