white collar boy


Heritage contrast coat - ASOS
Dress - ASOS 
Scarf - Tiger
Necklaces - DIY
Loafers - Dolci vita

This is an outfit I wore the other day, snapped quickly on photo booth hence the fail whale quality but I wanted to just capture it quickly whilst staying at my friends. I love this dress even if it is rather 'nun' like, it has pretty lace collar detail and cuffs and is a nice stretchy light weight knit material. I was lusting after this coat on ASOS a while ago and when it went into the sale I just couldn't resist it. My big red, rather festive looking tartan scarf was just perfect to cosy up under after heading out rather early on this particular frosty, chilly morning. 

As things start to settle and everything starts to get back on track, hopefully normal blogging and all my other endeavours will resume :)

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Annarack said...

You are looking well me dear. And I'm glad to hear things are looking on the up with you. Love your outfit so much, especially the coat.

Rose said...

Oh my i love love love this outfit! especially the coat it's so nice. I think i need to steal your outfit plz

olivia grace said...

you look incredible, such a perfect outfit and it really reminds me of a certain Miss Chung- which can only ever be a good thing xxx

Jess Hope said...

This outfit gets me all excited for winter, love the dress X

Dancing Branflake said...

I hope so, also.
Love that second outfit especially. That coat is divine!

Bee. said...

This is the most perfect outfit.

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Oh lovely, the coat is gorgeous, I remember seeing it on Asos too. Love the dress as well :) xx

Jolly Good said...

Love the dress, simple but classy. Especially like it with the necklace. x

Pip said...

You look gorgeous, as always!

Pip x

Rebecca said...

Love your dress and loafers

Kate said...

Love the dress! And glad to hear things are staring to get back on track :) x

Danni said...

Absolutely adore this outfit Jaymie- the dress paired with those loafers reminds me of Alexa Chung so much. Beaut! x

Temporary:Secretary said...

Love the dress, i've not shopped at ASOS in ages, so much to choose from that I just end up giving up! Spoilt for choice! x

Jaymie said...

yeah I've found asos pretty dangerous atm haha. xxx