Same old, Brand new.


For years now I have coveted the above bag, a bag that could be found hidden away in my Grandmas sideboard and my Mum knew how much I loved it. The other day when I got home my Mum extended her hand and passed it on to me with the words 'I know she would want you to have it' My Grandma had it since she was 21 years old, the same age as I am now and it still has the deep-seated smell of my Grandmas cupboard and house. It has a real sentimental value and connection as well as being a beautiful vintage box bag. Have you got any items that have been passed down the generations, or that you adore and has a vintage or sentimental connections?

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Pip said...

That bag is so gorgeous, and obviously very personal as well. Clothes with memories are so much nicer than new clothes.

Pip x

Temporary:Secretary said...

This is just so lovely - and it's a lovely bag, your Grandma had very good taste in style! x

the tea drinking english rose said...

aw, that is so lovely. as is the bag. that is just beautiful.
i love things that have a sentimental value.
so sweet.

thank you for your comment--- :)!

Annarack said...

That box bag is so beautiful and in such wonderful condition. Something to treasure forever. Its gone to a very good home.

sjmwell said...

such a beautiful bag, i think it's lovely passing down thing's from family member's xx