Part Three: Final Kenya Diary

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The day after our Safari we woke up from a long sleep, and my Sister decided that 'We really should be allowed to see some monkeys today as we miss all the Safari animals' well her wish came true for us and as we lay on our sun beds that morning, I spotted a monkey swinging from the palm trees, we quickly decided to climb up to the sunroof and go see them up closer. One Monkey stole a banana from the restaurant (cliche, much?) Poor cat on the roof that looked a little disturbed by it all and I named her 'Monkey' (I'm so creative with names clearly...) In the afternoon w went to see Julius from JT Safaris to pay the rest of our Safari balance. He was so lovely and really wanted to make sure we were happy with everything. He even gave us presents 2 giraffes 2 elephants a Hippo and a Rhino and wanted to give us more. They're so lovely and mean more to us now. My Giraffe takes pride of place on my dresser with some of my necklaces hanging from his ears.

On Sunday we went on a Swahali Blue trip on a Dhow boat to Wasini Island. We Saw Dolphins and I Swam in the Indian Ocean. We had proper giggles on a boat with a bin that was meant to be like a glass bottom for the non snorkelers. Had a gorgeous lunch on the Island and then had an afternoon to relax and swam in the beautiful lazy lagoon.

On our last day in Kenya we got to see our cute little monkey friends again. We smuggled them some banana muffin and cake to feed them. Decided that I would finally play some water polo after always being asked and my response being 'I'm shit' I think I proved my point... Took lots of photos of Mr Lion (the wood carving) on his last day with us. Visited the beach to buy a sarong type dress that we kept seeing and wanting. Flogged some of our stuff we didn't want anymore, even the flip flops I was wearing because the man wanted them for his daughter. Last dinner in the restaurant had a little serenade from the band singing 'jambo, I love mombassa' Masai Mara tribe people at the hotel in the evening to do traditional dancing, I really wanted to talk to them and they started asking me to take photos of them, then if they could look at them, then for my number, email, Facebook? Think I pulled... Who knew tribe people would have Facebook?


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