The look of lace


 Dress - Topshop
Necklace - Regal Rose
Loafers - Ebay

This is the outfit that I intended to wear on Wednesday, shortly after we photographed it (I wash't not feeling face shots, gammy watery eyes!)  I decided that I would in fact go out and spend the day in Brighton including going to a gurra rufa spa to have a fish pedicure (nibble the dead skin, mmm!) which FYI does feel so weird to start with, tickles hell of a lot but you do start to get use to it and then it feels rather nice, had a look around the lanes, ate some frozen yogurt, saw smurfs at the cinema and went for italian food, so all in all I decided against the pretty white dress (you can probers tell why...) and instead opted for a jumper layered over a dress kind of look, which I did photograph whilst out and will post tomorrow. I wanted to post this outfit yesterday evening but the time seems to just escape me once I get in from work the hours just drain away and I don't seem to achieve what I've set out to do. I still have to sort out things for another boot sale, tidy my room so my friend can come stay, work on submissions and really need to set out a free day for setting up and formatting my Big Cartel shop, I'm hoping Monday might be achievable. Not going to lie I probably wasted the best part of my evening watching Celebrity Big Brother which really don't feel I'll be watching anymore of even if that Bobby guy is a bit of alwriiiight. BBs had it's day hasn't it, many years ago too I reckon. 

I found this dress in Topshop on Sunday after I spotted Becky May wearing it I knew I had to have it in my life. I really do love my lace dresses and really probably don't need anymore but that doesn't stop you wanting them does it? The cut out detailing, pretty flower trimmed sleeves and skirt just equals the perfect princess like dress. I love that in many ways it's such a simple dress but all the close up detailing really makes it something special and a dress that I think is pretty enough on it's on just doesn't need too much fuss added to it, hence just my little skull cameo necklace which is still one of my favourites. Pairing it with opaques adds that Monochrome, Mod 60s style that I covet just a little...

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lilyfm said...

Oh my goodness, tell me about it. I saw in on Becky May's blog to and I fell in love with it. It's a dream and looks so gorgeous on you!

Lots of Love,
Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

This Charming Style said...

Oh my gosh, so jealous, i need this dress in my life! It looks lovely on you, and sounds like you had a great day in Brighton! I love Brighton :) x

Laura said...

Wow this is a beautiful lace dress! And the shoes and necklace are the cherry on the pie ;)

Temporary:Secretary said...

Jaymie! I was sure I left a comment when i read this post last night! D'oh. I must've not submitted it properly. I love lace dresses, white ones at that too! Love your clothes in each style post you do - especially like the jewellery pics! More please, J! more!!! xxxx

Mila said...

Ooooooh how beautiful!

jemmalouise said...

I LOVE THIS DRESS. It is so gorge, I am just too fat to wear it, eugh! xxx

oh emma said...

ugh I need this dress in my life!
I come from Bromley, whereabouts you? south east is the best place to live aha!

Emma xx

Rose said...

IN love with this outfit! so much.
Need that dress and necklace. You should so come to Brighton again and we can meet for TEEEA!