LDN Blogger meet up.


(Sources: http://hustalantavegas.tumblr.com/ weheartit.com)

The information on the meet up has been copied from Emmas blog post on it (so I have obviously added her on the list below) it's all been organised by her and Aimiee. I'll probably get all nervous before meeting everyone but I'm really looking forward to it and more excited. It will be my first bloggers meet up and I think it'll be lovely to meet and get to know some new people from around the London area and with blogging in common. Anyone is welcome so if you have an interest in attending please either leave a comment here or tweet @emmaharold the more the merrier :) but make it quick and be sure that you want to come, as the lovely Sarah (@TempSec) and Niki (@HeroAndCape) have teamed together and are sponsoring the event and will be creating some Canvas Bags for us! They have asked to have a more exact amount of who's coming so they make the right amount. Also Lauren (@elle_croft) will be supplying us with some Vitamin Water as Emma will need to let her know how many people are attending.

I thought I'd write a list of everyone who has shown interest in attending the Blogger Meet. I hope this is okay with everyone, but if you'd like for me to take your name off the list then please do let me know. If you'd like your name added to the list then let me know as well. I will link everyone's name to their blog and write their Twitter name next to it. 

Aimee @MissLuxLife
Becky @ByBlahBlahBecky
Emma @emmaharold
Saima @LDNshopaholic
Rebecca @rebeccalucyh  
Lauren @elle_croft
Madison @MadisonJHughes
Kirsti @kirsti_r
Laura @firsthottie
Amy @AmyMary18
Christina @Miss_Xtina
Jemma @jemlouisex
Anna @SMS_Style
Faye @fayemarieblogs
Aisling @AislingNM
Aimee @Aimee_Victoria
JB @SunshineJB
Lara @LaraLain
Safira @Safira786

We are aiming for a picnic in Hyde Park (weather depending). I'll be making (or buying haha!) some cupcakes for the day but you may want to bring a little bit of food with you in case you get peckish. We'll be thinking of some games/ice breakers and some fun stuff for us to do during the day.
In the evening, Emma and Aimee will be going out for dinner and cocktails! But anyone who would like to come is more than welcome. (place to be decided.)

Saturday 10th September, meeting at 12:30.

The nearest tube station is Lancaster Gate which is on the Central Line. (I have checked and there are no planned closures at this time. I was going to suggest meeting near Hyde Park Corner, but the Piccadilly line has part closures.) Lancaster Gate is a 2 minute walk from Hyde Park.
If you head through the Marlborough Gate, me and Aimee will have already set up, making sure it will be hard for you to miss us. I am thinking that we will set up near the Two Bears Fountain. There are toilets and a cafe near this meeting point which I thought was quite good.

I'm also planning on selecting a few photographs that will be taken on the day (natch) and illustrating them for a illustrated London blog meet up as well as a normal post which will include all the nitty gritty, days details and photos. 

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Paper Heart Girl said...

This sounds like so much fun. I shall certainly want to come along, a picnic sounds great. I'll let you know by the end of the week.. if that's ok! xxxx

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

This sounds goood, finally a bloggermeet in London ;) Although I think you are the only blogger I "know" from that list! But count me in although I'll confirm by the end of the week xx

Glitter Detector said...

It sounds amazing, hope everyone have lots of fun! Really wish I could go :/ x

jemmalouise said...

can't wait to meet you girlie! I shall be nervous too, though x

Rose said...

I want to come! but i don't really know anyone apart fro myou. Waah i don't know what to do! but if i decide at a later date would that be ok? I wouldn't mind not getting a bag!

Paperbacks and Postcards said...

Ooh I think I'd like to come! Add me to the list please :) So excited that there's finally a meetup near to me!


Elle Croft said...

So excited to meet everyone! Love those pics you posted; so pretty! x

Christina Sanders said...

Wow, it's quiet a long list of people now isn't it! Really excited to meet everyone!