Anything Goes


Jumper - Forever 21
Dress (worn under jumper) -Topshop
Satchel - Topshop
Boots - Ebay
Necklace - Regal Rose
Nails - Barry M Spring Green
Ring - Forever 21
dodgy parting - my own

Tonight I was meant to be seeing my friend and having her to stay over, we were planning on doing a car boot sale tomorrow but were both too skint, as it's towards the end of the month and waiting on pay day and in some ways it's a good thing as literally I've had a bitch of a headache for the past few hours. I don't think I've drunk enough today but since I got in I've worked on restocking (2 teas, 3 glasses of water) and I'm still thirsty! So instead I'm just catching up on blog reading, watching X-factor, tweeting and virtual shopping with Sarah and Jemma we found some pretty amazing blouses and shirts we're lusting over... I'm feeling a blog post a brewing. 

I'm planning on being a bit of a recluse and having a loner weekend, which is a Sunday and a Monday for myself. I kind of feel like I need that time to myself, I've got lots of ideas buzzing around at the moment and I just need to put them into practice. 

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Nicola said...

Love the jumper :) I'm actually
lusting over a few blouses and shirts myself, there's so many that are quite similar, yet I want them all :(

lovely blog xxx

jemmalouise said...

love the blouses we found!
loving this jumper!

Rose said...

oh i was meant to be doing the same with my friend! were both poor at the mo' ..But lazy too haha! we couldn't be bothered in the end to get up early tomorrow.
Oh I too am being a recluse. I feel a motivation of work coming along (i always get it at times, very..VERY rarely am i motivated to do project work hahah) but i am so i think tomorrow will be the day i get my summer work done (finally?)
Love this outfit! I really want a jumper like that and the layering is lovely. Wow i talk a lot i am sorry!
London meet up sounds GOOOD! 10 days before my B-day so it would be lovely!

hellolyndsey said...

absolutely love this so much! you look amazing in that skirt and i love how comfortable and relaxed this is :) something i'd definitely wear!
lyndsey of hellolyndsey

Steffani-Louise said...

love this outfit, im a big fan of jumpers right now this is so lovely xxx

Erika Lee Sears said...

cute ring! goes with your jumper perfectly

Erika Lee Sears said...
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lilyfm said...

Thank-you for the comment Jaymie, it's really nice of you.. I love your ring it's adorable. I also love it when people when dresses and jumpers over the top it looks really nice but also relaxed and very alexa chung! I can't wear them though because I'm rather large on top so I look even more chunkier hehehe.. Oh well!

Lots of Love,
Lily from Red Brick Lipstick

This Charming Style said...

I really adore the jumper and dress combination! I'm feeling inspired :) xx

Yvet said...

love the jumper! x

Lolo said...

I'm skint at the moment too. Roll on payday!!
I love the jumper you're wearing :)

M & Em said...

Your style is amazing, I just want to steal your entire wardrobe! May I? Darn, I had a feeling you'd say that. That is such a perfect slouchy sweater, I love the really long sleeves. It looks so cozy! And your bag is just amazing!


Kate said...

Love the jumper and the ring! After i've been busy for a couple of days I always love having time to spend by myself, its a good feeling x