Sunday Smile 03

21. Jon Kortajarena
Why so beautiful?  His hair is perfection as is pretty much the rest of him... Please can I have him for Birthday?  

22. PB&J on Toast
Still a firm favourite of mine and going strong. It has to be on Hovis granary light and nutty loaf, that is essential. I do not do white bread! 

23. Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree
The smell of original source Lemon and Tea Tree always reminds me of holidays I've been on because we always use the shower gel, so it brings back all those memories. It's also just really fresh and zesty which makes me feel lovely and squeaky clean! 

24. Stars
A pretty night sky, with shades of pink, purple and twinkly stars never fails to stir something in me. 

25. Acoustic Guitar
 When I was a teenager I use to want to be in a band so much (it didn't matter that I couldn't sing or play) I wanted to play bass and be the ideal match for Dougie from McFly... Those where the days. Ahem. I still really want to be able to play a musical instrument and would love someone to teach me or teach myself to play.

26. Plaits
Recently I've been getting my friend Josie who I work with and she use to be a full time hairdresser and now does it on the side. She's my personal fish tail plaiter!

 27. Brothers Cider
Brothers Strawberry Mixed Pear Cider, I cannot get enough of it right now!

28. Days Up Town
I love London days. My favourite places are; To chill in the park (St James or Hyde) Southbank. Shopping; Covent Garden, Brick Lane, Camden and Oxford Street of coarse. Nosh; Snog fro yo, Hummingbird bakery, Laduree, Giraffe, Wasabi, Yo Sushi, Eds Diner, Chiquitos. Visiting my favourite galleries V&A, Tate, Portrait Gallery.

29. Collars
Shirts & dresses with pretty lace, embellished or patterned colours.

30. Old Photos
If you know me or have been reading my blog for a while you will no how much I love digging out old photo albums, pouring over the past and re-visiting those great times gone. Check out my Past Times illustrations to see some of my favourite old photographs in drawn form. 

None of these photos have been taken by myself they are from random tumblr searches and from saved files
If any do belong to you, let me know and I will credit or remove.

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Sarah said...

Loving plaits at the moment, if only i knew how to do them properly!

Kate said...

mmm that guy is beautiful! i agree with all of these, especially the old photos! x said...

oooh the jewellered collar is amazing!!!
Come follow my blog gorgeous!

This Charming Style said...

Aww i love these photos, awesome post!xx

Paper Heart Girl said...

Lovverly snaps! Great choices! xxxxx