Moaning Myrtles

Herrrrrow Jaymie's Macbook.

My Macbook came this afternoon! It's currently charging and downloading some new software but I'll be getting my hands on it later to have a good play with it. Love new toys gadgets.

My Harry Potter boxset came sometime last week and I have watched 5 of the 7 films already, love them! Growing up I was just never interested in it. I was probably too into Busted to care.The only thing I find is when I start liking films or books especially a series of them I get a bit obsessed with the characters and actors (not in a weird way... promise) but I'll like google them, wikipedia and get so jealous of how rich or amazing their lives are. I really want to see the deathly hallows pt2 at the IMAX but don't think I'll find anyone who is willing to see it because they either don't like it or have already seen it.

It was my Mums birthday yesterday. We made a brownie layered raspberry type cheescake for her birthday cake and me and Lindy had the most catastrophic kitchen sesh, I cut my finger, dropped the bowl of hot melted chocolate which resulted in half of it on the floor, some on my head and I ended up with a bruise and a little bit of a burnt knee from the bowl hitting it, oh dear. Apparently all of that disaster in the kitchen makes it taste so good. Had a nice slice of that when I got in with a big mug of tea.

Forever 21 opens in Oxford Street next Wednesday! I'm really eager to check it out, bye wages! They're also opening a Pinkberry inside of Selfridges early August! Squeeee. Less to miss about USA (though clearly still not as rad) Just thought I'd let you all know incase you're around when a tiny bit of the states comes to the UK. I'm also really excited to see one of my best friends this evening who I haven't seen for about a month with life and holidays coming in the way, a good catch-up, tea, hugs and zumba is on the agenda.

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Anonymous said...

I so want a MacBook, lucky chick.
That cheesecake sounds delicious, too bad you dropped the chocolate.
Forever 21 opens Wednesday? Am so going, I'm in London all next week and it's my birthday the same day; I guess I now know where I'll be spending my birthday money.
Eleanor :) x

Jaymie said...

It's so pretty i love it.

Mmm it was so funny/ agh dropping the chocolate!

If I manage to go next wednesday for the opening you may see me then. aww have a good birthday!

bee. said...

Ooo, fancy Mac ;) I love a bit of HP! Loving your baking disaster. I'm horrendously clumsy so I'm like that.

Rose said...

YAAT FOR MACBOOKS! I have the same and it's my baaaby literally love it. Don't let anyone touch it hahah (I'm a little too attached)
yay for watching HP, good isn't it haha

Jana said...

oh love it ! cool blog ! :)

then she'll carelessly cut you said...

Jealous of your macbook! And I might be seeing Harry Potter for a second time tonight, haha. You need some hardcore HP fan friends ;)

Rosie x