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27/07/11 In a Nutshell.

I had a tiring but a fun day yesterday. Woke up early to watch the rest of HP 7 just in case I orange weds it up in the evening which I did. I met Sally up in town even though we discovered we was in fact on the same train lolz. We went to the Forever 21 opening at Oxford Circus (closer to bond street though) which is actually amazing. I saw far to much stuff from there that I would very much like. All the rings, necklaces, dresses, shoes, bags. ah seriously! They were handing out free ice-cream in the cue (free ice-cream again eek!) we tried on loads of clothes but in the end I went for a dress, 2 blazers, a rucksack which is mainly for Kenya, but I really like it so will totes use it after. I also got some necklaces, long and layered! We also popped into Selfridges, grabbed a Starbucks to rehydrate after a lengthy time in F21 then for a walk and a chat, found a quaint little sweet shop, had lunch in yo sushi and then t 4.15 I rushed to get into Croydon to see Harry Potter for the 4.40 showing and I just made it!

Harry Potter Commission.

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Rose said...

I so need to go to Forever 21, i remember last month when i was up in London i saw it and i thought I NEED TO GO WHEN IT'S OPEN! i hope it's as good as people say

Rachel said...

I love your HP pic! Ooh F21 looks good, might pop in when the rush has died down. I know that sweet shop it's so quaint :) xx

Cassie said...

love the HP illustration, i saw it yesterday too, orange wednesday all the way! -x-

Danni said...

Free ice cream and HP in one day? 'mazin x

Kate said...

AHHH I WANT TO GO TO F21! about time they opened another one in the UK. i got free icecream in a queue once, literally made my day!

Kate said...

I'm dying to go to Forever 21! From the website it looks amazing! Looks like you had a good day! x

Sophie Isobel said...

I'm going to F21 next week.. very excited! :D

kia said...

beautiful illustration! I just illustrated my july favs :) x

This Charming Style said...

The HP drawing is amazing! Also, I cant wait to visit F21 in london, I adored it in New York! xx

Robots in Trouble said...

ahhhh i love forever 21. did they have a giant sale there? and dang... you tried on a lot of clothes!

ahhh free ice cream? i'm jealous!

-robots in trouble

whatkatiefound said...

I went into Forever 21 yesterday, was quite overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items but saw some good pieces! I got myself a BEAUTIFUL mustard yellow skirt, pleased as punch! x