All about hats.

Fedora hat - New Look
Cat Blouse - Zara

This is the hat I mentioned I bought a couple of week ago and actually thought I wouldn't be wearing it til at least later September, So I eat my words. I guess it was me wishful thinking! I really love it though, it is the perfect fedora hat that I have been after since last A/W and it reminds me off this one as worn by the Chung. Just headed into town today on my day off to post some items, took advantage of orange Wednesday once again and saw Bridesmaids which is actually really funny and rather sweet, I love Chris O'Dowd! The IT Crowd will always be a firm favourite of mine, genius. Tried the new Drifter Mcflurry, phwoar. Detrimental to trying to eat healthier! I took a few outfit photos earlier and they just were not working out at all so instead you get this rather gammy portrait shot. Edited to look all sepia and colour drained, I wanted to be from the 70s today y'all! I really need and want to start taking them up the common again, it's just effort though. Boo.

I Ordered this dress on Monday night from ASOS  I'm not 100% sure on it but I think it looks quite pretty. I just really want some nice staple go to kind of different style dresses. I'm really rather liking this Vero Moda shirt which I think teamed with skinnies and stacked boots in the colder months! I'm far more A/W layering, jackets, scarves kinda gal, I just love it. But I'm aware apparently it's summer right now so I do need this dress in my life. I can just picture myself wearing it on holiday during the day, in the evening with hair up all askew and red lippy... look at me trying to justify myself!

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Emma Harold said...

Ah such a pretty hat! I need a hat like this!! :] xx

Elli said...

That ASOS dress is so pretty you should keep it! Ellie xxxx

ps check ma blog :

Rachel said...

I think the Asos dress looks nice :) And so does the tropical print maxi, if it ever actually stays nice in this country! The fedora really suits you :) xx

agnes said...

i'm in love with hats but my hair doesn't really allow me to wear them - it's too wavy!

Jaymie said...

Decided I love the dress! xxx

Jaymie said...

Decided I love the dress! xxx

Jayme and Mendi said...

Love the hat!!

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