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'What I Wore' NYC Collage.

A simple 'What I Wore' illustration.

'What I Wore, Today... Summer sun in April.'

'Today in NYC, going home :('

'What I Wore' during the day on my 21st.

I Finished my submissions for Gemma Correls 'What I Wore Today' book. Fingers crossed at least one may get featured... I hope you lovely lot like them. Gemma contacted me a few weeks ago through flikr, when I had no Internet connection... she was being featured in the Brazilian Marie Claire magazine and they wanted to use one of my illustrations to accompany the article but I had to send a 300 DPI version of it, if I was okay with it but as you can guess I saw the message to late, bummer. You may remember some of these illustrations, if you've been reading my blog or following any of my work for a while. I had to re-draw some of my 'Today' illustrations as for the submissions they had to contain no text and I also wanted to improve them. I'm going through the process of re-drawing some old pieces of mine anyways as with everything, with practice and time I've improved and want a cleaner concise look for a little self-iniated project an illustrated journal of outfits, loves, things I've done.

I'm going to see X-Men first class today with my friend Becky who I've not seen in way to long. We thought we would abuse Orange Wednesday 241. I've not actually seen any of the other X-Men films but I did love the odd superhero film the likes of Sin City, The Spirit, The Dark Knight, Spider man and I use to be obsessed with Heroes, mainly the 1st series then it went down hill from there.

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Emma said...

gosh you're talented, these are amazing i just wanna have them for my own :) xo

rhiiwn said...

I love your version of 'What I Wore'! Its a lovely fresh approach and I really enjoy your drawings - they're so good! :)

Rhiannon xo

abby | ybba said...

these are so creative of you to do! too bad you missed that one email :[ but there's always other opportunities put there... right?


Dancing Branflake said...

Good luck to you! These are all so great!

Jaymie said...

Thank you appreciated the lovely words sugars :)

Toks said...

Wow, this is such a great idea, drawing pictures instead of taking photos. They're awesome! I'm so bad at taking photos of myself, this could maybe inspire me :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, I suspect you'll get featured in Gemma's book! That's so awesome!!!