snip snip.

Edward Scissorhands for Darren Fletchers zine.

'Johnny Depp just scared the shit out of me'  as said by my Dad at 3 am Sunday morning. At least he knew it was Johnny Depp even if it is Edward Scissor hands a character he played and not actually him, good enough for me! Eddie is actually a contribution for a zine but the Darren who I did it for, 'Edward Scissorhands' is his favourite film and he fell a little bit in love with this piece and he wants to own it, so I'm saving it for him for when he can pay for it. I do like giving my work a good home :)

Going to exploit Orange Wednesday tonight hopefully (otherwise be full price Thursday, boo) after work and see Bridesmaids. May have to pay a visit to Nandos as well but opt for the 'healthier' option and have the Mediterranean salad, feta cheese mmm. amaze.

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kia said...

OMG i love this so much!!! x

Rachel said...

That's such a lovely picture, you've definitely captured Eddie's sadness in the eyes I think! mmm enjoy Nandos! xx

Robots in Trouble said...

LOL @ what your dad said about johnny depp and i totally agree with him. but the movie was great!

did you draw this picture? it's lovely :]

-robots in trouble

Georgia Coote said...

I LOVE this!x