Past Times


In Grandma's Garden.

Happy Friday! Time for a Past Time illustration this time from when I was about 5 years old donning a rather fetching wicker summer hat and floral tea dress whilst surrounded by lavender and leaves in my Grandmas garden during summer. Recently I have really started missing being a child, primary school, high school, being care free and spending your time with your friends in the park it's even the little things I miss like the feeling I use to have when I'd get home from school, watch CITV cartoons and eat whatever treats my Mum had bought from the shops. Then again, being older and a 'grown up' has it's advantages to sometimes. How great would it be though if one day a week you could revert to being whatever age you wanted to be and live in that world for 24 hours, Oh if only.

 I've been getting over a stinking cold all week, it's pretty much run its course now thankfully because I really do not want to feel ill for this weekend as I'll be busy having fun! Tonight I'm just going to be spending doing some baking for some Marie Antoinette and Americana vibe cakes. I also really want to go and investigate after work, Nearby they are filming scenes for the new B
atMan film, I would love to spot some kind of activity going on! My friend said yesterday morning whilst driving to work she saw a yellow cab that had 'Gotham City' written on it and an American police cab on the back of a huge lorry!

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abby | ybba said...

Well, I hope that by this weekend, you will feel much much better so that you can enjoy what's waiting for you! {:

That doodle so lovely! ^_^ Gee... you know I realized that there are so many talented people here in Blogger. It never ceases to amaze me! O_O And I agree that we should have the opportunity to time travel at least once in our life time! You know... just to get that chance to "push the rewind button" or maybe go back to your favorite memory... But I guess it's only nice to live it once... and move on.


PS Have a lovely day !

Tegan said...

That's a lovely picture! :) I hope your cold gets better xo

Sirens and Bells said...

I hope you feel better soon!
That picture is brilliant :) xx