Where has the time gone? I can't believe it's the 1st of May! It's about 140 days til I go to Kenya (can't be bovd to count properly) sounds shorter then saying 4 months. If you're going away on holiday where you off to? Let's all get excited together and make needtobuybeforegoonholidaylists!

It was my lovely Sister Linda's birthday yesterday. I hope you had a lovely day poppet! I did intend on blogging but got enthralled in the social side of my life and birthday celebrations, so couldn't find the time to do so. Belated but still on topic with what is on a lot of peoples minds, I have to take the time to mention how stunning Kate (Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, I prefer Princess Kate) looked. Her Alexander McQueen gown designed by Sarah Burton looked absolutely gorgeous, classic and elegant on her. The lace, structured bodice, long sleeves and the simple veil were such an elegant nod to 1950s, very Grace Kelly when she wed the Prince of Monaco. Ever since I first saw A Walk To Remember and saw Mandy Moores characters wedding dress I've wanted to wear something as classic, beautiful complete with long sleeves and ideally vintage for my own big day. 

I'm not even going to lie... you probably already know if you happen to follow me on twitter from my numerous lame tweets it's okay everyone was doing it right? peer pressure! That I did infact well up. I don't know what's happening to me! It was just so fairytale, Disney like, really romantic and idealistic. I also really rather fancy ole Hazza now, he looked pretty fit... I think the uniform played a pretty big part in this new crush, phwoar. I'm glad to hear a fair few of you felt the same as I did and thought they weren't bothered about the whole affair and then couldn't look away!

I've made quite a few new pieces to put up on Etsy, involving little daisy's, sunflowers and Mother of pearl shark teeth necklaces also the Fifi Lapin drawn necklace that I make and love my own necklace of will be up and maybe some originals like the watercolour flower paintings as a lot of you seemed to really like the expressive study (no one will probably buy them but still nice to have option if you do want to) :)  haha. I will be uploading these later to the shop and will be blogging them tomorrow. I've also finally bought a pro flikr account a couple of days ago so I can upload to my hearts content, LINK!

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Sophie Isobel said...

Hehe, I'm a little obsessed with weddings now too! Totally agree with you about Harry ;)

Paper Heart Girl said...

MMM, I totally agree, it was all lovelllly. I am now obbsessed despite pretending not to be, she just looked so beautiful!xxx

Summer said...

Oh wow you're going to Kenya, that's amazing! I'm going to New York + Washington in october, so excited! And i totally agree, Kate looked stunning, i couldn't help but cry! haha xox

charellis said...

i agree, it was such a fairytale wedding!
and my crush on harry has also been rekindled. it's so strange, all he had to do was pop on a uniform and the whole world starts crushing on him xD