Dandelion Dreams


By Jaymie

Some new pieces for my Etsy shop. Mother of pearl tooth necklace, Sunflower hair clips, Kitty, Daisy and Sunflower bracelets and yes the Fifi Lapin necklace! Hope you like them.

I feel like I'm having a completely waster today which I hate! I feel so lethargic, I could just sleep non stop and I can't really be bothered to move, But I know at about 8 tonight I'll feel productive and wide awake, one of those very annoying sods law moments. I have some other new bespoke pieces that I'm making (when I'm not being lazzzy!)  including vintage headband with bird decoration I can also make custom necklaces or bracelet pendants from the shrinky plastic if anyone has a particular idea in mind you can either contact via etsy or email me at jaymie89@live.co.uk. I'm just watching Summer Heights High and reading blogs found that one of my Today illustrations has been featured on The Gemma Correl What I Wore today blog. I finished reading Whip It earlier today, now going to move onto Water For Elephants but don't know whether just to wait til I see the film now then read it, hmm. It's out on Wednesday I'll probably try go and see it Friday because literally cannot wait to see it!

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Sister Hayley said...

Loving your blog girlie, you make me feel so lazy your blog is all colourful and full of sunshiney pictures which always make me :).

As for Water For Elephants the film is amazing I was lucky enough to see a preview last week and I will probably go again...R PATZ!!! I haven't read the book but after seeing the film I can see me reading it.

Hayley x

Jaymie said...

I cannot wait to see it!
thats why I'm thinking Ill wait to read the book after as no way i'll read it all by friday...
aww thanks love, took me ages to get it looking more how i wanted it to and I'm still not all that great with html coding and all that jazz just the basics eek!

Sophie Isobel said...

These are SO cute!

kia said...

these are lovely do you make them your self? xx

ellieand said...

the daisy necklace is just adorable, well they all are 2bh - some beautiful little works of art! x

Pieter said...

Love the necklace! I love fifi lapin :D hehe x


Sister Hayley said...

Jay, You're definitely gunna have to help me jazz mine up a bit.

Yeah it's an awesome film, I described it all to me mum and she's like when you get the dvd I wanna watch it.

Yeah i'll read the book but I may end up seeing the film a second time before hand ha!


Tonya said...

So so cute! I'm definitely going to check out your shop!


head over heels said...

these are amazing - your shop's definitely going into my favorites! x

Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, Fifi Lapin is beyond adorable!