red stairs, rain drips, bright lights.

An un-seasonal what i wore:
Leopard faux fur coat - Next
Leather look leggings - Primark
Satchel bag - Charity Shop
Hat - Topshop
Scarf - Tiger
Boots - EBay

Just found this photo on my laptop and it made me smile a lot, So great memories of everything from this trip. This was early in the morning.  We got really wet, have no make-up on, drank and ate a lot already, played in Toys R Us and got harassed by people in yellow (tour operaters, bit pervy..) then proceeded to shop our  little hearts out when they finally opened. Then raced back to our hotel rooms to change into new clothes and fetch our umbrellas (which we, okay more like I always would forget and have to run back up to go get it)  I am gracing the very same stairs that the likes of The Biebs have (lolz) I want to be back in New York right now! I will live there, one day.

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Anonymous said...

Can I come and live with you, haha? x

Whimsically Random said...

You're a celebrity now haha!! New York is such an amazing place really want to to go back again!!! Ax

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so adorable! x hivennn

kalo said...

i love the typical tourist peace sign, i do that alot too hahahaha. i like the look of your blog, imma follow you xx

Dancing Branflake said...

How fun! I love NYC and this trip must have been a blast!

Jaymie said...

haha vicky yes lets hit nyc and have a crazy little apartment with lots of union jack shizz everywhere.
yes peace sign the universal hands of what should i do with them :p
it was such an amazing trip, miss it big styleeee.

Oh, My Darling said...

I adore your combo of plaid and leopard!