Jump to the beat.


Here are some 'Today' Illustrations from Saturday 9th and Tuesday 12th of the month that has been april, plus one I did for when I went to see Katy Perry, Just cos. My scanner has got pretty grub (yeah probably should clean it...) so the scans are look a little bit speckly and not all that great, h'oh well. I really would LOVE a A3 scanner but they are so ridiculosly expensive! It just would be very very handy.

I had such a rubbish day yesterday. I don't want to dwell/ bore everyone but sorry any twitter followers for depressive type tweets today I do try to keep them to a minimum but when it calls for it, it really does call for it! I'm just looking towards this weekend and spending it with two of my favourite ladies (The Mumma and Sis ♥) Full of giggles, eating, walking, shopping and pampering. Very much needed.

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Emma said...

i love these, theyre so freaking adorable and the details are just so nice.

Anonymous said...

Perfect illustrations as always, Jaymie! I can never get enough of them. Chin up for the weekend, lovely x

Scientific Housewife said...

So cute!

Michaela said...

So cool drawings :-) I follow you now!!!

xoxo Michaela

Zoe said...

Such cute pictures! I am so excited for my picture!!xx

What is Reality Anyway? said...

i wish i had the talent to do this!

WaiYana said...

wow love your drawings!!
thats such a great idea when you don't feel like writing in your diary. xx