delightfully tacky, yet unrefined.


I look like a tool. Standard.

Knitted Cream Cardigan - Tesco
Hooters Tank Top - Hooters NYC
Necklaces - Vintage
Leather Shorts - Topshop
Bow Slingbacks - Topshop


Fox and Green Ring - Topshop
Blue Stone Ring - JWLRY
Nail Polish - Disco Mix Models Own
Bracelets - Turkey, Canary Islands, Found and DIY.

My Hooters top is probably one of my most treasured items of clothing right now, srsly. I love it. It reminds me about how amazing NYC is (as if I need the reminding) aswhich gives me the buzz but then the blues... I also totally get the irony of me wearing it because I really do not have hooters, They're more like minuters! oh wells. I'm still working on my poses and facial expressions and trying not to get all awkward and weird looking which is my standard, ha. But I thought after posting an outfit sometime last week I got comments like 'post more of these' and personally I also love looking at what people wear (because I'm a nose) so please bare with my awkwardness. My new cardigan is also becoming a firm favourite, I bought it the other night on a trip to Tesco which became increasingly more expensive with each aisle we went down (only went in for red velvets!) It has that 70s summer vibe going on and is so lightweight and cosy. No doubt I'll be chucking this other a variety of different dresses on those summer evenings. My Disco Mix nails have been getting so many comments this past week and I must admit it pretty much entertains and brightens my day up whilst bored at work!

Thank-you so much for all the lovely comments on 'Bloggers Illustrated' every single one means so much and really does brighten up my day, I will get on replying with them all when I can just sit down with a cuppa and spend as much time as I want browsing all your blogs and commenting back.

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Anonymous said...

Love your Hooters tee, and that cardigan's a right find from Tesco x

Jaymie said...

I know! I love a bit of tescos I do Vicky :)

Sophie Isobel said...

I like your rings and your shorts are beauts, I love the zips :)

ohmygoodness said...

I am in love with your shorts, and your hooters tee is gorgeous! Your so lucky to have been to NY!xxx

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

layered necklaces and big rings!

Haute-fly said...

Great look and the Hooters tee has a little retro look to it.

Great blog,

Emily Anne said...

i love your hooters tee!
my friend collects them from every city she goes to!
i have one from cancun that i really like :)

this outfit though is really nice. i love how it looks on you. and how you paired the shirt so nicely!

dj_fizz129 said...

ahh hooters! you look effortlessly hot as fuck ;) that waitress was such a doll aswell bless her. love ya xx

Sara Victoria said...

im going to nyc in june and a hooters tee was already on my "to buy list" before i got there, looks great on ya! love the cardy too. Tesco for the win! x

ellieand said...

You're not awkward at all my dearr, it's definitely lovely to see outfit posts - I too am a nosey parker! Love the tee, makes me want to go to NY so bad x

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

love your blog too, esp the drawings!

thanks for the love about my taxi cupcakes!

Zoe said...

I LOVE the Hooters tee. I really like all the bracelets and rings in both of your posts. I am a real lover of having loads of things on my hands and wrists xx