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Elizabeth Taylor Tribute Article on Amelias Magazine.

Hello Weekend! Wheres the sunshine gone? Rude. I had a lovely friday night meal last night at Mamma Mias a cute little italian restaurant, I had spinach style veggie balls with penne pasta was so lush, Seriously carb overloading but I will be starting up with the ole fitness routine very soon! Starting regular zumba again, wii fit, bike, walking loads especially as the weathers starting to  get nicer.

I bought new watercolours on Thursday from Hobbycraft (felt sickening parting with £60 for them but they're amazing) At the moment they are still all fresh and un-used I can't wait to start painting with them this weekend! I am in the process of ticking off an exstensive 'To Do List' I am insanely lame and love lists, I don't feel as shamed by this because the amount of people I know who also make lists for everything, I'm not alone! I better get back to my to do list before having some Saturday fun, Hope you all have a rad one!

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