you're a goddess


The Goddess Experience is the second instalment of The Goddess Guide. Everything about the first Goddess Guide and this second instalment inspire me, Giselle the author, artist and everything in between is such a stunning creative, her drawings, ideas and voice are so evoking. This book is all about finding what it is you love from life all the micro pleasures that bring a smile to your face daily. It got me a thinking (I defy anyone not to) about what it is that I adore the most. The little and maybe not so little pleasures. What are yours?

Having someone to look after you when you're not feeling well, That first cup of tea of the day, Sketching on new paper with your favourite pen, Having a new lipstick, Waiting to board a plane to somewhere exciting, I like feeling all snuggled up and warm whilst its cold and raining outside, Laughing so much that it hurts, Submerging yourself into a deep bubble bath after a long day, Kicking off you shoes when get in doors, Receiving a text with 'this made me think of you' or 'this reminded me of you' The smell of original source lemon that reminds me so much of being on holiday, A cat purring, My hamster when he cleans his face, The look and taste of beautiful french macaroons, Satisfaction of cooking from scratch, Being understood, The warmth you feel in your heart at Christmas, Boys with messy hair and pretty eyes, Ribbon.

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Stolen from Grandma said...

just found you through vicky's ahashake blog :) you are amazingly talented!!! im your newest follower <3

Paper Heart Girl said...

Ah, this post is perfect for a lovely Sunday afternoon, particulary as I'm feeling melancholic and in need of reminding of all those lovely little things! xxx

mj said...

I loved reading this post. Boys with messy hair and pretty eyes is definitely top on my list. Also I love the smell of banana boat sunscreen lotion. It always reminds me of my best summer memories.

Mila said...

You are amazing.Your drawings are brilliant.

Jenelle said...

I love Gisele's books, they are such a good read, and her illustrations are so cute. Loving your blog, will enjoy following you.

Nadine Horvath said...

loved this post! I was also intrigued as to what book lay underneath the goddess guide? haha xx