tangled mess


Obsessed with nail art and in particular Wah nails, I am in love with the tuxedo nails complete with bow ties. To rad for words. I really want to be rocking some USA inspired nails for when I go to NYC the wonder women design is very cool but I also like the idea of maybe having alternated nails with American flag then white nail with red hearts similar to those in image 2. Since I can remember I've always loved having painted nails and they feel naked when they have nothing on them but now all I want our jazzy, fun, even a bit weird frankly, looking nails so far I've done leopard print nails using Models Own Gold Rush, Becky's Brown and Black Wah Nail Art Pen. I've also done half moons which have completely chipped and look horrific now but for anyone who knows me when I paint my nails I am completely messy and go completely out of the lines so to speak but I kind of do this part intentionally just because I find it so much each to drench a cotton bud in nail polish remover and neatening it all up, but this is very much the case with half moons they were so hard to do neat at all!

excuse the completely spazzy looking hands.

I've now seen Tangled and it is definitely a must see, classic Disney fairy story at it's best with a lot of catchy songs that you without fail will be stuck in your head for the rest of the night. In particular I loved the boat scene with the lanterns, so enchanting and touching, plus the 3D is actually so good. Sometimes 3D is very hit or miss and seems a bit pointless.It may be really wrong but Flynn Rider is actually such a hot cartoon character haha if only he was real. I love Pascal the chameleon as well has really made me want to draw some interesting little colour changing critters. Oh! I already want to see it again! Can't wait for it to come out on DVD. Now I'm just getting excited for the release of Gnomeo and Juliet I have heard a lot of good things about the it and the previews of it look really funny.


Tonight is all about doing finishing some drawings, watching Justin Lee Collins Turning Japanese and having a deep bubble bath. I have felt ridiculously tired this week, tuesday night I fell asleep at 9.30 after watching Mad Men in bed because I was so tired and I ended up waking up at 4.30 in the morning and not able to get back to sleep so ended up getting up doing some excerise, drawing, writting, reading and then got dressed and went to work and felt like a bit of a zombie to be honest.

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dan said...

I really wanna see tangled, also cant wait for gnomeo + juliet! I love animated films xx

Jaymie said...

Aw deffo go see it, it's SO good! me too :) xxx

erin :) said...

awesome nail inspiration! and i want to see tangled so badly! too bad i have an essay this weekend. maybe this will be an incentive for me to work extra hard! :]

HippySal said...

pretty one I love this..Do you wana see it again with me monday? heehe
cant wait to see you xxx