'Love what a tangled web we weave'

I spent the day yesterday visiting my lovely Grandma who I haven't seen since before Christmas. I Also in the evening meet up with my lovely friend Sally who I haven't seen in ages since she left work and she lives near my Grandma too, perfect! It was so good to catch up and chill out reading magazines, playing with makeup and discussing creative matters basically being 'proper' girls haha. Even though I left at like 9.40 I didn't get home til Midnight because I got on the wrong train when I was literally only 10 minutes away from home, my bloody train was only 2 minutes delayed but they didn't bother to announce this so when the train rolled up at the expected time it was in fact going to Sanderstead so effectively I was stranded for 40 minutes waiting for another train just to get back to East Croydon, fml moment? yes. I ended up ringing my Muttttha just to waste away the time, she pretty much just ended up laughing at me a lot, I was so desperate for the wee as well so cue me running down the street when I got back to my road! I wasn't the slightest bit tired when I got in so I roped my Mum into playing Just Dance On Broadway at like 1am, I'm so cool...

My sister came back from North Carolina, Wilmington today and brought back so many American sweet treats it's insane my teeth hurt just looking at them all. She bought me in particular two big boxes of nerds which I requested because I miss them and if you buy them in House of Fraser here the cost like £1.50 for a small box... no thanks, a box of M&Ms, two Sally Hensen nail art pens and a Wilmington t-shirt. Been munching on some mint truffle M&Ms which are actually amazing and I'm not usually keen on mint chocolate.

I've had a somewhat productive day today and caught up with Glee, how amazing was the Rocky Horror Show one last night?! I soooo want to go and see it, the music is so catchy. I love time warp forevzzz.

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Morellocherry said...

sounds like a great day!!! i went to visit north carolina last year and it was so sureal to go there for the first time as its so not like england!!

I've got a glee marathon lined up for me at some point. They were playing it all day on one of the channels and i recorded it all. My sister has really gotten me into as i hated it at first!!! still cant stand mr shoe though! :P

Great drawing as always! :P :)

Jaymie said...

Glee marathon sounds perfect!
I love it, glad your sister got you in to it haha.
Thanks hunnnnny x

HippySal said...

Had such a great girly time with you pretty one, we need to do it the illustration - uber cute complete with mermaid and everything.xx

head over heels said...

this looks like such a cute outfit, i love lace!
And don't worry getting on the wrong train is the bain of my life :/ x