I love macaroons

It's true, I do.

Another valentine inspired series illustration. I bought a book the other week called 'I Love Macaroons' and I intend on making my own sometime but apparently they are notoriosly difficult because they take a real knack but oh well if you don't try you don't know eh? If all else fails I'll have to give into a macaroon craving and next time I'm at Victoria train station have to pop to Pauls bakery for one (my favourite being vanilla or pistachio mmm) I really should be like 50 stone... Everything in moderation and be active kids haha.

I can't wait to see Little Red Riding Hood at the cinema it looks so good, I'm such a sucker for twisted, enchanting, beautifully filmed fairy type stories and the Brothers Grimm were such geniuses.


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Morellocherry said...

ha, we're on the same wave length. I bought the I love macarons book last year, but the past few days i've been doing some illustrations of macarons from it. they were really pretty, inspiring pics of the little suckers!

Wanting to see Red Riding hood too :P

the runaway romantique said...

What a precious illustration! I loveeee maracons as well (I live in Paris, so it's hard not to) :) That trailer looks amazing! I didn't even know about this movie till your post. Have a great weekend!


Dina's Days said...

Beautiful new header, I had no idea they were coming out with this film..I don't have cable, so yes I do live under a rock in a way!

mj said...

I love your illustrations. You're very talented.

Jaymie said...

I'm thinking I may try and make some macaroons today, though I don't have any piping bags hmm!
I'm literally macaroon obsessed right now lol.
Oh lucky you paris has an abundance of them, they're still slightly trickier to get over here, have to go uptown really.
Thanks for the lovely comments guys :)

Watkins35 said...

I'm with you on that - macaroons are sooo pretty (as well as the obvious yummy bit), just love their colours too...
ps gave you an award today x