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So I got paid on the 24th after what seemed like the longest month ever and here are some of the enivatable new purchases I have made with said payslip. I still have dollars, travel insurance and other boring bits to buy... ugh. Nikon Coolpix Camera from Amazon £79.99 Finally bought myself a new digital camera after needing a new one since the begining of summer I put it off after geting my new phone and the camera on my HTC is pretty good but decided I really did need a proper camera for NYC. I just need a nice new pretty case probably from paperchase because I am obsessed with their shop and all the amazing prints they do, I can spend ages looking at stationary, stickers and notepads, love geeking out in there.

The Great Paper Caper, Up and Down, Lost and Found. Oliver Jeffers books! He is one of my favourite  illustrators, I love his style and lost and found is the most adorable story, the short animation is a must watch too cute for words.
  Jeffers on his work and style.

Lace dress, Primark £15

Added a little detachable fur collar which I cut off of another dress which was hids.

Summer ditsy print dungaree style playsuit, love love love this £15 from Primmers!
Looks great teamed with a white shirt when it starts getting a bit warmer but at the moment I'm going to wear it with my Zara rusty coloured arm patch jumper.

Not exactly new but bought shortly after Christmas from Topshop think it was £36? Hands down my favourite bag, it fits everything perfectly looks gorge and i love satchels!
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Maddie M. said...

Wow, I love these! What awesome finds.

Courtney K. said...

I love all of these items, and also the wall that you hung them on! Such inspirational people.

head over heels said...

love how you altered the lace dress and the satchel is gorgeous :) x

ShopeDelano said...

Oohh awesome finds! :)