Sorry I've been so AWOL on here recently. I hadn't even shared with you my amazing business cards that were delivered last week! I am so happy with them and the quality of them is impressive, I will definitely be back to for postcards and more business cards in the future. I gave some to my brother to hand out at work and to my friend Stuart, hopefully they've done something with them other then just leave them in their pockets or something! 

I've been bed ridden today after coming down with the winter bug that seems to be doing the rounds. I've spent a large part of the day sleeping but I have watched 127 hours which is such good film. It being a true story and the whole premisie of the films totally fascinated me, obviosly I had heard lots about the horrific arm cutting (I clearly looked through parted things for them scenes) My thought process was more 'dude, this guy in real life actually did this' I can't even imagine the pain eeeek. The ending is so uplifting and gives such a sense of hope. Very well directed and short it's actually really beautiful. 127 hours and Danny Boyle have certainly got awards in the pipe line and James Franco is amazing as Aaron and plays the part so well. Another film I watched recently and would recommend is 'The boy in the striped pyjamas' which was out in 2008 it is utterly heartbreaking and I had wanted to see it for ages after hearing a lot of good things about it. I cried my little heart out and it stays with you a lot longer then once the credits have finished.

I am bang on the films at the moment I have A single man, social network to watch later on, most probably as i wont be able to sleep throught the night as didin't sleep well last night so had a lot of sleep and spent the day in bed pretty much I've eaten far to much cereal, toast and cake because just felt really hungry and needed the comfort, I'm hoping tomorrow I will be feeling a bi more chipper after all the cooling strepsils, beechams cold and flu tablets because I need to post Ebay things still, get a cage for my hammy kurt and in the evening going to see Flashdance which I'm looking forward to.

I'm hoping after my rest up today, I'll be feeling a fair bit better tomorrow as I have lots that I need to do and want to get done plus in the evening I'm going to see the flashdance musical which should be good fun and I would really rather not have to be dosed up on paracetemol and soothers to enjoy it. Mmm I'm really feeling a Nandos (haven't had one in ages!) aswell and I would really rather if I could taste it!

Sara Bro-Jorgensen Illustration.

Illustration for an article on Amelias Magazine written by Matt Bramford about Vauxhall Fashion Scout Ones to Watch A/W 2011 – A Preview I illustrated one of Sara Bro-Jorgensens creations. She is a graduate from Royal College of Art. I was highly impressed by her use of form and she takes inspiration from 2D forms and takes interest in black and white photographs which can be seen clearly in her use of the monochromatic.

I hope you're all well and not suffering with the winter bugs.

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Katie Styles said...

oh these are lovely. send some to annie for me so i can have a couple! x

Cat said...

Aw...feel better soon! Sending some virtual hot tea with lemon your way! xo Cat

Stacey said...

Feel better soon! I'm visiting you from Oh My Darling-your work is incredible! I need my own Jaymie illustration too! XX

Maddie M. said...

I hope you feel better soon!
I love, love, LOVE your business cards..! Aren't Moo Cards the best?

Courtney K. said...

I love the cards! That is so exciting. Feel better darling :)

Jaymie said...

Thank you loves i'm feeling a bit better this morning after a proper nights sleep but still can't breathe which is annoyingggg!
Plus last night typically i felt dead inspired and wanted to do lots then started feeling really sleepy.

Kelly said...

LOVE The Social Network. Amazing movie.

I was a resident advisor for my college last year, and on Holocaust Remembrance Day I did a program for which we watched The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. What a well-done and moving movie.

NaughtyBaubles said...

Love the business cards!! I recently received some samples from as well and was thoroughly impressed.


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