Today Illustration


Snow snow and more snow!
I was meant to go see The Snowman at the peacock theatre last night to really kick start the festivities but because of the snow and the transport being so bad (poor sods stuck on those Kent trains!) we decided against it but my brother who lives in Surbiton which wasn't as snow effected managed to go and see it so not all was lost. So this is the day I wish I had, I did bake and decorate the tree though! How's the snow effecting you if you have it/ are in the UK? I'm pretty much snowed in! Couldn't make it into work today either had to venture out to the local shop which usually takes like 15 mins took an hour because the tentative steps I had to take, no milk or bread though but did return with a big tin of roses... It feels so much like Christmas today haha.

All I feel like doing is eating naughty food, watching festive films and snuggling up! What are you all up to?

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Roxy Te said...

Oh! You lucky duck! I prayed and prayed and did a snow dance on Thanksgiving day, but we were not so lucky! @ Work! ENjoy your hot cocoa and movies ;) Love your illustration - a perfect way to welcome in December!

head over heels said...

i was hoping for some christmasy sketches! looks like a great festive day :)
We've got snow in london but living on campus it doesn't really affect me that much! x

The Owl Diary said...

Oh this is just so, so pretty. I love your sketches. & I feel like eating terrible food and watching holiday films as well. & Oh how I'm wishing for snow. ♥

Indigo said...

I love this christmas themed illustration! So cute!

Retro Chick said...

That's such a lovely illustration!

Me and the anughty food are not speaking to each other as I have a very tight dress to wear for NYE that won't fit at all if it gets any tighter!

Festive films sounds good though.

annierama said...

your illustration is amazing!
Think I should draw more !
ah, maybe I´m going to draw right now!
great idea :D
your header is amazing!

Oh, My Darling said...

Yet another lovely illustration, Miss Jaymie!!!