Today Illustration

So tonight is one of the most overrated nights, NYE... I'm not trying to be a humbug for this particular celebrations I'm all for seeing in the New Year but I'd rather spend it doing something I like doing then queuing in the cold to go to a club and counting down from 10 tbh it's not really my scene either. I prefer pubs and bars but even they're charging way to much to just get in on NYE I'm not much of a drinker anyways so bit pointless. I can't really afford to have a 'big night out' saving for my trips and travel money, good times! So alas I'll be spending the night with my friend Michelle doing the PCD workout, watching films, eating popcorn, doing face masks and watching Jools Hollands Hootenanny.

I'm watching Dorian Gray and parts of it are making me feel SO queasy haha easy stomach to turn. It's a pretty good film though, I still really want to read the book. I've started Lolita but I haven't read all that much in the past couple of weeks, I will though! That's what New Years is all about yuhuhhh, I shall add books I want to have read in 2011 added to my list. Do any of you do Resolutions? I think they're fun, give you something to think about and what it is you really want. Even if you know you wont achieve them all, write some easy to do and some that are far out aspirations!

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mixnmatch1 said...

love the illustration,happy new year :)

Llaura - Street. Music. Fashion. Style said...

Love thiss !

I think if you ever get bored of your busy life, you should do an a illustration of me and my life haha. I love your drawings Jay'miee xxxx