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I really wanted to post something yesterday but I really wasn't feeling it and I didn't want to just whack this up without a bit of a natter. I probably wouldn't of even had the energy to switch my laptop tbh. Basically I woke up at 4am yesterday (what the...) ew, and couldn't get back to sleep. Hate those annoying bouts of insomnia. Plus I had to work 9-6, so naturally I'm feeling a little run down. Feeling achey and a little strange today, but I've just come back from zumba (took it easy kids not my usual crazy joke like base that I go at ha) and just had a nice hot bath because it is freezing out there and raining, I think I deffo caught a chill yesterday because I just could not get warm today, bundled up with two scarves, two cardigans, two pairs of socks, only one coat thought if I could have worn two I probably would have!

I recieved my 10 o'clock horses album today, thanks for sending the package through Maria and the rest of you guys I appreciate the lovely comments! I love mail, me.

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Paola Di Clemente said...

Hi Jaymie,

How can I get one of these? I love them and would love to order one. Send me an e-mail;

Thank you so much!