Baby you're a firework

Birthday Today Illustration.

Sorry haven't posted anything new since the 'nutshell' post! Heres the last of any birthday related stuff I promise! Blatently just trying to drag it out as much as I can, haha. I thought since I hadn't posted a 'Today Illustration' for a while I naturally had to do one for the 5th November didn't I? I loved the day and I loveed my birthday outfits so hey ho.

My legs are killing after a hard-core Zumba work out last night, pain in the calf! Lot's of laughs and shaking of the arse though so well worth it. This morning is absoloutely horrific it's so gusty and rainy. I am not looking forward to going out in it, sad face. I woke up with a bit of a groggy head and sore throat as well, I think this weather enhances any possible shit feelings that you may have really. Not going to lie I have holiday brochures scattered around my room, I think I should be on holiday the majority of the year... I know, a girl can dream though.

'In The Spotlight' post coming up for you lovely people tomorrow (actually wrote notes about this at work and the security man started reading them! and said 'actually a little turned on' haha so theres a taster... no it's really nothing like that I promise! Some tea and toast is in order before I have to venture out in to this, boo!
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larissa said...

I saw this blog title in my Google Reader and immediately thought of this video:

I hope you enjoy it. It always brightens my day =]

Dee O. said...

lol Zumba is amazing!!!! :) what a cute post, i like that illustration !


Amy said...

I always love your illustration. Love the little cupcake

Dina's Days said...

I love zumba, I started last week and I was cracking up. Can't wait to go back.