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I've got some bits and bobs to catch you all up on. Last week I did an interview with a girl named Fay for a Journalism class she does at LCF. The absolute sweetie thought of me when an opportunity arose through her Mum, who is a hairdresser and one of her clients is having a a book of short stories for children published and has to find an illustrator before it can all be finalised. After I got excited and giddy she passed on my details, so hopefully she will be in contact soon and likes my work! Thanks again Fay for thinking of me.

I'm getting stupidly excited over Halloween more so then other years. Last years Halloween at Uni was pretty fun though! I'm going to KOKO this Saturday night with a group of friends, all dressed up of coarse! I'm planning on being a Leopard, I only have ears that I bought from Claires Accesories which are actually realllly cute and some face paint so can cat feature it up, little pink nose, spots, feline flicks and false eyelashes! I'm not sure what to actually wear... I want so badly to order this and have it as an early birthday present then give it back so can be wrapped up for the 5th November, I just LOVE it so much and it would be perfect for my costume!!

What are you all up to for Halloween? Dressing up? If you are I would love to know what as and how you're achieving the look!

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Lady Gabby said...

I'm going as Lady Gaga :)
Awesome post.
Please check out my blog and give me feedback on what you'd like to see!

Courtney K. said...

I'm being Edie Sedgwick. I actually went to a party last weekend too and was Edie. I straightened my hair and pulled it back, so it looked short. Then I wore a black and white striped dress and black tights, I did heavy makeup and wore a faux fur coat on top.
I'm being her again this weekend and I have bought a different stripped dress and bought a new pair of chandelier earring, I have a different leopard print coat and I'm going to go super dark with the makeup and drawn on eyebrows.
You can look at pictures from last time and stay tuned for new ones at:
Excited to see your pictures too:)

Jaymie said...

ah awesome what you wearing for your gaga outfit lady gabby?

Ohh my friend last year went to the SU halloween party as edie and i was a 60s mod girl wanted to be twiggy but i can't really look like her when i had brown not very short hair haha, sounds amazing though!
going to check out your photos now!