Hello cub cubs!
I came back from Turkey yesterday morning :( gutted, already miss it... the sun, people, everything. BOO. Me and the sis has such a good laugh (seriously have the best sister treating me to a holiday as an early 21st present, big love.) I've got a bit of a sun kissed glow going on which will probably last all of 2 minutes! We took lots of photos, well my sisters ones are far better because of my camera being rubbisssh but I did get some goodens on my little fuji instax! I'm still pretty tired. Basically missed a nights sleep because of our 3.55 am return flight and the fact that in the end it was about an hour and half delayed whilst we were actually sitting on it, someone had remembered that they had packed a lighter in their suitcase and they had to get all the cases off and then about 50 people stood up to say they also had one in theirs to and hand luggage, so after lots of huffing puffing and nodding off whilst breakfast was being served we got home about 9 in the morning.

When I was away I had a voicemail left on my mobile hearing back from an interview I attended before I went, so I rang them back yesterday and I have to go in for an induction day all day tomorrow and then I find out when I start properly and it’s 30 hours a week over 4 days, so I’ll be freelancing and illustrating lots! I’m fully intending on saving so I can travel it up it’s what is driving me so much right now, also it’s my 21st in under a month (hence my early turkey birthday present from the best sister in the world) so I want to invest in some travel experiences this year. I still need to properly catch up with responding to emails and get some things in order! So thanks everyone who has started following, commenting and emailing me last week!

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