Thoughts in pictures:
1.Italian Vogue editorial how enchanting and romantic ♥
2.deers, fawns and cute little creatures drawing them in ink and
3.The new Ikea advert featuring lots of lovely cats, wantwantwant!
4.Forests and the sun creeping through trees providing lots of autumnal inspo.

I've been a bit rubbish recently! I put this down to my the medicine that the doctors gave me. Today my appetite seems to have completely returned so it looks like the side affects may be wearing off, huzzzah. I'm currently full on marshmallow! It's also only 2 weeks til I go on holiday so I just have to keep that in mind as well to make me feel chipper. I started a new illustration earlier for my Etsy shop, It's along the same lines of my 'flame hair girl' illustration but think icicles, snow, Narnia ice queen, with a 60s feel. I'm really going with the chill in the air and drawing all these seasonal inspired goodies. I also finally set up my Etsy so when I'm ready to start selling I actually will be able to... I'm such a procrastinator it's ridic, I still haven't posted about the bags... sorry! I did my first LFW illustration last night for Amelia's Magazine which I will post up, once the article has gone live. I literally spent ages on one and completely hated it so started it again and finished it in like 10 minutes and was much happier with it, typical! I've also just been emailed another illustration request by Laura (I illustrated her Offset Review) so I have another festival to illustrate for Wednesday.

I've been thinking a lot recently (I know dangerous right) about going to Uni again next year. I studied fashion textiles at UCA for a year and I didn't enjoy the course so it would have been silly for me to stay on. It was more about moving away and having a uni experience, I'm so glad I went though because of the friends plus it helped me to decide that it was drawing I was passionate about. I really want to study Illustration at a London University, which would mean I could still live at home (saving money, the upside to living with rents) it would really help me concentrate on the course without distractions and I will be older and wiser (ha!) I can spend this year as a kind of gap year, travelling, part time work, doing illustrations for contributions and commissions as I will obviously need to build up a proper portfolio of them and having Etsy shop which would hopefully go in my favour when it comes to interviews. These are all just thoughts at the moment, If anyone wants to put their two cents in, please do! I was feeling particularly wordy tonight so thank you if you read all of my rambling, you deserve an ice-cream!

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Danni and Maria said...

Mine'll be a mint choc chip please :)
hehe! So glad you're thinking of studying illustration - and living at home is the perfect compromise!
Good luck with whatever you decide :D


Sara Louise said...

ur blog is super cute
New follower xo

Jaymie said...

a chocolate chip sundae is coming your way danni! ;)

thankyou sara louise!

beba said...

Ice cream, please ;)

Good luck, this year! And every year after that year (:

Peace and love!

Jaymie said...

Thanks beba and i'm really craving some ben and jerrys now with all thoughts icecream haha.