I need all your lovely thoughts and help! I've recently been thinking a lot about setting up an Etsy shop and I would love to know what you guys would be interested in buying. What sort of thing would you like to see from my Etsy shop? Any certain prints? I was thinking of buying some canvas bags from Ebay & printing illustrations on to them, keen? All ideas and suggestions welcome! If any of you have any Etsy shops please leave me a comment with a link and i'll be sure to check them out.
Thanks guys!
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Anonymous said...

thats a great idea........ I have always wanted a bag that no one else will have thats a one of a kinda thing. x

Jaymie said...

Yeah I will be doing custom pieces aswell always up for commisions :)

Katie Styles said...

thanks for your comment babe. did you do the painting thats your header? that would look gorge on my wall! xxx

Melissa said...

The canvas bag idea is so fantastic! I love the aesthetic of your "what I wore" illustrations in general -- maybe characters with that type of look would be really cute. Also, in thinking about custom stuff, I think that marketing things as custom wedding/engagement/couples illustrations could be popular, given all the wedding buzz on blogs.

Good luck with the etsy endeavor -- with your talent, you'll succeed greatly!

Savvy said...

^ I like Melissa's ideas :) I wish you tons of luck with Etsy! =D

Tanja said...

I really like the "Today" illustrations, I can imagine those on a bag very well. And your artwork is fantastic, I would definitely put that on my wall!! The flame haired girl is fantastic :)

!♥ m i m i said...

you should do it! :3

selling your artwork would make you money, and get your name around the world!

Jaymie said...

Katie Style- Yeah the original can be seen on flikr in all its coloured glory, I couldn't scan it in though because its an A3 piece and slightly to big so I had to photograph it.

Melissa- Thanks my dear, Yeah I was thinking of little illustrations in that style I have one on my flikr in the illustrations folder with a girl wearing bunny slippers and the words 'Wide awake' which I did for my sketchbook project when I infact couldn't sleep haha.

Savvy- Thanks love, much appreciated :)! Will keep you all updated in my ventures!

Tanja- Thankyou so much :)! If theres anything you ever want just drop me an email for a natter I'm always up for commisions or getting a print done before my Etsy shops started :)

mimi- yeah I just love the idea of people having my work in their house or room and enjoying it that would make me so happy.

Thanks for all your comments you lovely people, all really helpfull!

Kirstin said...

Thanks for the lovely comment! I would love to buy a canvas bag, they are my fav! I'm following you now and waiting eagerly for those canvas bags... Follow me if you can:)

Jaymie said...

Hello love, I thought I was following but just went and chicked and i must have clicked out before I confirmed haha so I am now.

Marlene said...

thank you for you nice comment :)
Your blog is cool too :D
I'll follow you ;)

xoxo Marlene

Katie Styles said...

I would definetly buy anything with your lovely artwork on! Also just realised you know my crazy friend Annie Harris?! x

Jaymie said...

yesss! I know annie, what a small world! we were in the same class at uni and we went to new york together, bizarrre.
how do you no the lovely annie?

Naughty Baubles said...

The canvas bag idea would be amazing. Let me know when you put them up.


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