Hello Happy!

The current thing that is making me happy is; recieving post! I just love seeing post that is addressed to me. This is my very first letter from a penpal (not through the dear darlings project, so in all I now have four people to send and recieve letters from!) This is Jena from Texas, it is quite literally snail mail!

But one letter that most definitely did not make me smile was the £70 fine from my university halls room for some bluetak marks on the wall! seriously. But back to the happier side of things I've written two of my letters and need to pay the post office a visit, I feel like I'm constantly in there and should know all the post office workers by name with the sheer amount of parcels I have to take in for Ebay and amazon buyers. This evening I'm going to a cocktail party, the thought of cosmos and mojitos are putting a grin on my face!
What's making all you lovely people smile today?

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Catherine said...

I have always wanted to have a penpal but I neer did it..well I guess it's never too late to start hehe!

Anonymous said...

Love recieving post as well. I've learned to do that more so in college just because I have friends that live further away in a different state (since i'm from the US of A). Love the blog. Thanks for the comment!

Jaymie said...

Cathering- haha exactly i always pictured kids in america having all these amazing penpals writting back and fourth whilst being at summer camp or something, i would have loved that!

Betsy- hand written letters are just have such a lovely quality and are definitely coming into vogue again which I believe can only be a good thing :)

Paislea Elyse said...

awe! i love snail mail!! hope you're having a great weekend!

come follow!!


Paislea Elyse said...

following! be sure to follow back!


angie may said...

hi there, Jaymie! I'm one of your Dear Darling penpals, so expect a letter from me soon! ;) your blog is adorable, by the way!

Jaymie said...

aw how exciting!
I wrote them up the other day and haven't been to the post office but avec tomorrow it shall.
Your blog is to cute aswell, i am checking it out right now.