Models Own Haul

Nail polishes- scarlet sparkle, turkish delight, peacock green, mixed up, red black and nude beige.
warm glow blusher, woodland eye duo, plum lipstick.

I was starting to go a dazzling shade of green after seeing everyones comments on the Models Own facebook group mentioning their parcel full of goodies had arrived, but today the postman graced me with these gems! Everything came bubblewrapped and well packaged so no nasty breakages. On Tuesday I blogged about the plum lips look and I infact purchased the plum shade lipstick and I love it! It is literally the perfect colour, I haven't got a picture of this but I will try I'm sure I'll be wearing it quite a fair bit. I am really chuffed with Models Own 50% sale, theres only one day left guys.
Bargains Galore!

So what nail polish did I decide to use first out of the 6, I hear you ask?
Well I came over all Dorothy from Wizard of Oz and doned my nails in scarlet sparkle now wherever I am ill click my fingers together and declare there is no place like home.


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Amber Blue Bird said...

Love it!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Such gorgeous shades of nail polish! :)

I think I like the "peacock green" the best!

daisy kate said...

Ah I'm super jealous you got your order, I want mine to come :(! I got that red too :) It looks gorgeous on so I'm excited to get mine!
I haven't had your email sweet, so I'll give you my email address again, I bet I typed it out wrong, it's :) I can't wait to sort something out with you!

Fashion Stereotype

Jaymie said...

Peacock green is a beaut, it shimmers so in different lights looks slightly different shades!

aw no what day did you order? haha yes everybody needs a little sparkle on their nails every so often I believe! I've tried emailing you again so I hope you recieve this time :) me to, excited!


Christina said...

GLITTTTER! im wearing true sparkly nail polish right now...i absolutely love it!

Savvy said...

Wow! Amazing nail polish colors! Love the red! Now you just need a little dog named Toto. xD

Jaymie said...

Oh yes please, haha toto is actually such an insanely cute animal name kudos dorothy she had some good ideas didn't she? haha.
Jaymie xxx