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I'm thinking of roping in some computer savvy nerd friends or my Brother to help me with a little re-invention and design of this blog. As I will clearly need help with it, html, web design, say whaaat. On the top off my list though is an exciting blog header! I really want something that says something about me and looks pretty ofcoarse. So I am trying it out with this painting that I finished yesterday, I changed it to black & white firstly because I used such vivid orange and reds in the hair (the original can be find here on my flikr) and I wasn't sure for a header. I thinking maybe basically doing a very similar drawing to this one but completely black and white with patterned hair and the title and writting incorporated within this.
I want to know what you think and any ideas you have please leave a comment, I love having ideas to bounce off of.

Last night I wasn't feeling to well after having a headache nearly all day and today I woke up with that horrible sick feeling, you know that nervy butterfly feeling that makes you feel all panicky and weird, but for no apparent reason. I really didn't want to waste the sunny day and luckily by 1 o'clock I started to feel better and I managed to run some errands, letter writting, posting Ebay parcels etc I meant to check out a printer place whilst in town for research of the Etsy shop variety (post coming soon about this!) and I popped into Tesco and I must say I am really starting to fall in with love Florence and Fred (...the clothes range) I picked up another beaut of a coat today for £15! I thought after my practically free coat I could afford to get another one, it's black and has a perfect 60s vibe and silhouette to it, I am so keen for when I can start wearing my new coats now!

I was itching to try another one of my new Models Own nail polishes so after a lenghty process of removing Scarlett sparkle (undercoat, 3 layers then topcoat... you can imagine) I decided to give the whole nude nails look ago using their nude beige shade and if I'm honest it isn't doing it for me at the moment, Its all a bit to underwhelming for me, nothing to do with models own just generally not feeling the look give me a beautiful colour/ sparkle/ design, any day. Whats your take on it?
It may grow on me I will wait and see...

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MOLLYKT said...

i like the header idea!

Jaymie said...

Thanks babes.
Can't wait to read tigrezine when its all done!
And the nails did start to grow on me but now i'm wearing coral pink shade!