Diet Coke


I've been drinking atleast one can of diet coke a day which can't be doing my skin any favours which is being a right pain at the moment (any tips?) I don't really drink all that much soft drinks but my mum bought one of them mahooosive 30 cans pack from Costco so I just cannot help myself. I wish that I could do a detox from tea, coffee and ofcoarse the diet coke, but I get such a bad caffeine withdrawel headache it's insane, if i don't have a cup of tea all day my head is in such agony haha silly billy. But I have come to terms that I am a stereotypical British tea lover though and proud of it.

I've also been adding a few images to flikr this afternoon so click 
here to check them out and if you want to look at some of my artwork I added a page for it just under my header the other day it.
Oooh Britains next top model tonight! anyone else a fan? Tiffanys voice drives me mad I can't understand a word she says. No doubt i'll be kicking back and watching it with a good ole cup of tea.
good times.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you need to detox from tea, especially green tea. Tea's not bad for in the grand scheme of things if you abstain from adding sugar and creme. Drink a lot of water for your skin.

Jaymie said...

yeah i drink a bit of green tea sometimes but i prefer pg tips and i have milk but no sugar, uni made me to lazy to put sugar in my tea and i have learnt to like it that way now haha.
I drink quite a lot of water already but i am going to drink more to try flush my system!
thanks for the comment :)

free spirit fashion said...

uh, no advice for you there. my diet coke/coke zero addiction is as strong as ever! i rely on the caffeine, haha.

btw, nice blog you have! =]

Jaymie said...

hahaha as suspected i am indulging in the caffeine also whilst bntm is on, score.
Thankyou love :)

kathi eric said...

awesome pictures. i'm stalking...err following you now. uh skin problems? they say drinking plenty of water helps, but what do i know?

swing by sometime? kathi folds five

Ali said...

I hate coke,,,, it makes me feel bad... drink tea... at leats is better than coke...

suzanne cabrera said...

At least it's diet. I have the same addiction, but it's to the good ol' regular! Love seeing your sketches and passion for life. Look forward to seeing even more in the future!

Phiephie + Minnie said...

i love tea! and Britain's Next top model!

come check out the and if you like what you see feel free to follow x

Jaymie said...

thankyou :)
ah see i cant drink normal coke it tastes really different to me, i prefer pretty much all diet drinks to the originals i don't know why.

Kuosi said...

lool,, love diet coke,, my mum just bought a load of it from costco too.

b. said...

There's no need to detox off tea ~ I love it, am addicted and will totally discourage you from not drinking it. :3

Thanks for visiting my blog ~

b. of Depict This!