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Hello lovely blog readers, I've been featured in a post over at Ballad of website! I only recently discovered earlier this week after becoming a bit of a twitter nerd and I'm so glad I did. I instantly feel in love with the aesthetic and gorgeous content that the self proclaimed art geeks provide and when they emailed and asked if I would like to be featured, I ofcoarse jumped at the shot.

Earlier today I watched The imaginarium of doctor parnassus which was one of the films I previosly mentioned in this post about films and books I want to have seen and read by the end of the year, so I now have one to tick off! It didn't disappoint in the visionary and inspiration stakes but in my opinion I found the plot line wasn't all that amazing which was a bit of a shame because I do love those slightly eccentric fantasy movies, but it just seemed weak to me. Saying all that though the special effects, styling and the aged colouring won it for me plus Johnny Depp (dribble) even if it was for all of 5 minutes. It is also the last film Heath Ledger made :( so is definitely one to see for Heath fans.

I also didn't know Lily Cole had such a big role in it she's basically the main character and is actually really good! (oh haiii new girl crush) she pulls of ginger curls immaculately too which I think is highly relevant haha. I am also now a little bit in love with Andrew Garfield! He will make such a cute Spider-man for the new 2012 reboot film, I'm not sure I'll be keen on the film but I use to be such a Spider-man geek when i was like 14 and that 14 year old emo in me still has a bit of a soft spot for ole Spidey. Oh god after a re-read, as Josie from Big Brother would say this post has made me sound like a 'right randy mare!'

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Anonymous said...

Lily Cole is beautiful.

Melissa said...

Ooh, I've been meaning to see The Imaginarium.. for such a long time! Glad to hear your opinions on it.

minnja said...

Love it:)))

Jaymie said...

yeah she is she has a really un-convential beauty.
Melissa totally watch it, it is very whimsical and inspiring just wish i loved the story aswell as much to make it like an all rounder for me.

Anonymous said...

Tha movie was awesome! It totally wasn't what I was expecting at all.