Concrete Jungle


 I keep reminiscing about the trip I took at the end of January with the rather lovely anniebonannie and some other students from UCA Rochester. I think I am a bit obsessed.

 I can picture myself living in a little Ugly Betty style apartment drinking coffee, popping by the Magnolia Bakery for a red velvet cupcake and regular visits to Forever 21 would be standard of coarse.
I need to go back!
I would love to go in Spring Time so it wouldn't be freezing like it was in January when I went and it wouldn't be heatwave central like they Summer they've been having over their this year.

I was flicking through one of my favourite books by Bradley Quinn 'Textile Designers at the cutting edge' which  has nine pages dedicated to the a knitwear designer Clare Tough, With all thoughts NY These two pictures tickled my pickle in particular!

Talk about having the whole world on your shoulders (ha, sorry)
Insert from Clare Toughs biography from the book;
'Affectionaly described as tough by name tough by nature' Tough rose to knitwear fame even before she completed her MA degree at Central St Martin's College of Art & Design in London. Her graduate collection was described by Vogue as 'the future of British fashion'


All New York photographs taken by me.
Clare Toughs knitwear pictures from 'Textile Designers at the cutting edge by Bradley Quinn'
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Catherine said...

Love the pics! I love NYC too! I went last December and I almost froze, it was sooo cold and two nights before I got there it was snowing like crazy hehe!

Jaymie said...

Yeah I think we experienced like every possible weather condition haha, first day was actually quite clammy with like all the layers i had bundled on and times sqaure heat from all the electricity then sunny, rainy, windy, last day snowy.
i so have to go back when it's sunny and can just wear light layers. No thermal vests please! aha.

pearl said...

the knitwear's like WOAH O.O anyway, found you on chictopia! gonna follow you, feel free to as well k?


~Fleur♥ said...

Wooow, the last two pictures are funny :p


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

EEEEEEK. I love New York just SO SO SO MUCH. I think I was born for the city. Slash I just like to pretend that because it makes me sound awesome.

I actually love Ugly Betty's apartment! Haha..