2014 goals revisited

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This is my list of goals that I made last year for 2014 and saved as a page so that I could easily look back over them and see my progress. I will be doing the same for 2015 but wanted to share the things I managed and the things that will be making their way back on to my new list for the year.

"Instead of resolutions I like to make goals, being a very list orientated, goal loving type of girl. Last year I made a 2013 goals list which I shared and kept as a general tick of list on By Jaymie so that I could easily see where I was with it all. It's a list of things I would like to do, see, go and achieve within the year. "

General Goals:
1. Be better with money, Get myself straight and save for future more and for Australia, Asia travel.
2. Read more
3. Visit my friend Abi in the Lake District (a goal which I didn't achieve last year, oops!)
4. Meet lots more new and interesting people.
5. Learn and practise French - I started to learn french and practise then lost concentration with it.
6. Get another ukulele and try to learn and actually be able to play a song.
7. Go horse riding
8. Lovely love.
9. Go up the Shard.
10. Say yes.
11. Spontaneous adventures.
12. Try my hardest in everything I do. (I feel this is a goal that I will never think I have succeeded at as I heavily critique myself, but drive to continually be better will always be there)
13. Push myself
14. Become a yoga queen. - Begining of this year I was doing well… second half, not so much.
15. Say hello to my abs and cheekbones again. (This I did and didn't do - I lost weight, kind of got some abs but all mainly due to different illnesses and being sick a fair bit, so not the ideal way to do it)

Work Goals
New blog layout, design and general overhaul!
New shop design and packaging 
Go to more events and meet ups.
Work on my PR for jewellery, get more print and ediotrial work, shoots etc.
Shoot/ Lookbook for Jewellery by Jaymie
Do some fun craft fairs.

Places I would like to go:
Lake District

Theatre Shows:
Strangers on a Train
Les Mis
Book of Mormon
Ghost Stories

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