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If Instagram is good for only one thing (it isn't it is good for at least several...) it's looking back through your feed and seeing all the wonderful, happy times that made all the good memories - none of the negative or bad times which seemed to override all of the good at the time.

Warning PDA!
Before 2014 I definitely wasn't the soppy romantic girl, but last year a certain somebody changed me.The highlight of 2014 was meeting Mr Holland. He is the best friend and boyfriend that I could ever have wished for. No One makes me smile or laugh more, all I need is to see his handsome face or hear his voice and my day is made all the better. I couldn't be happier or luckier to have met him. Gush over.

Gatsby had his ups and downs this year, more downs then ups unfortunately. He wasn't too well a couple of times this year and has seemed to have had some mental scarring happen from the night he spent at the animal hospital. He is still the original dapper Cat and is fluffy as ever.

Something that the O'Callaghan ladies know how to do is Afternoon Teas. I'm hoping that 2015 will bring just as much earl grey and slices of delicious cake.

Book of Mormon, Ghost Stories, Anthony & Cleoptra, Mamma Mia, Edward Scissorhands, CATS.

The best show I saw in 2014 is a toss up of the three; Book of Mormon, Ghost Stories and Edward Scissorhands and I would recommend them all highly. Book of Mormon has the best memories for me but Edward Scissorhands has ignited the flame of loving the ballet and now I can't wait to see more.

Musical highlights of the year;
Temples, Childhood, Wild Beasts, Nina Nesbitt, Swim Deep, Summer Camp, Metronomy, Katy Perry, Blood Red Shoes, Tall Ships and Slow Club.

I scratched up on some Vegan baking skills. My favourite recipe being a lemon drizzle poppy seed muffin one and chocolate slutty vegan brownies. This year I am making it a goal to bake a hell of a lot more and experiment with new recipes and flavours.
Buckingham Palace Gardens, Leeds Castle and Hever

Last year I got to visit more palaces and castles then ever before, with visits to the Palace of Versailles, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace State rooms, Leeds Castle and Hever Castle.

Days in Paris with Amelia, weekend trips to Amsterdam and Berlin with Matt and spending 10 days on the beautiful island of Crete and whiling away the day in locations like Santorini and Elafonisi with two of my favourite ladies.

Visiting more places in England, exploring Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor, Whitsable, Weston, The Forest of Dean, Brighton, Eastbourne, Bath, The Lake District.

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