2015 Dreamin'

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Something that's highly materialistic, but has also been on my wish list for over three years, are the most exquisite shoes that are quite clearly made for me - the beautiful Charlotte Olympia, Kitty pumps. 

It cannot be denied, that traveling and visiting new places is something that I enjoy most. Now that I am in love (sorry... but true!) there are vast amounts of places that I have already travelled to, that I would like to share with him and experience all the things I love about the places so much, together. Such as the Palace of Versailles and New York to name a few. Some destinations that I haven't been to before and would like to visit in the not to distant future are Cuba, Iceland and Dublin.

After going to see Edward Scissorhands at Sadlers Wells, it has got me itching to see more Ballet performances. I have wanted to see the Nutcracker for years and I am determined for 2015 to be the year that it gets ticked off my list.

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High up on my priority list is to move out and have my own space with said boy that I am in love with.

Next year I am going to work harder then I ever have before. I'm so driven and determined to go full throttle next year (but also make it a fun one, burn the candle at both ends) I want to do as many markets and craft fairs as possible and Renegade is high up on that list. I also want to work with a PR firm for Jewellery by Jaymie and have already been in talks with possible companies to start work with in the new year. 

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Megalolz!!!! said...

Those shoes <3
Oh wow seeing Edward Scissorhands sounds awesome!! x