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I was thoroughly spoilt for my birthday this year I had two birthday cakes (naughty) and extra unicorn pink delicious cupcakes. and had such a fun time. I had the week off from 5th-13th and still didn't manage to have a lie in, as was so busy and packing lots in. 

In the evening on my birthday we went to Heron tower for a drink and we watched the city sparkle beneath us with lights and the occasional firework adorning the sky, followed by a Budweiser and fries in Five Guys and a walk around Covent Garden to see the beautiful Christmas lights and ended the night with a Kir Royal in a cute little pub.  

The days after my Birthday were spent flying to Berlin, Baking for the birthday boy (who's birthday is only a week after mine) and exploring Leeds castle before one of the best firework shows I have been to. 

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katie-jane said...

Happy Birthday sweetpea looks like you had a lovely week! And that burger cake looks incredible!