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With each passing hour, 2013 is evaporting into the smokey, dust filled, realm of the past. The end of a year always causes me (and many others) to get all sentimental and in that reflecting mood. One of the main reasons I love Instagram and blogging is tracking memories so easily and being able to get nostalgic on a daily basis.

This year you could have probably found me, eating cake at afternoon tea, playing Johnny and Baby in Dirty Dancing at Kellermans Secret Cinema, Catching rays and being white knucklers at Thorpe Park with my Brother, Spending a summer evening in Brighton with Amelia, Bringing NFL cheer to London whilst watching the SF 49ers, Meeting two of my favourite ladies Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung (finally!) Being treated to a girly spa weekend for my Birthday or visiting Hogwarts in the Snow. 

I feel I have changed and grown up quite a lot. I've always been one of those mature immature people (ain't just Calvin Klein who does contradiction) I've challenged and pushed myself. I feel very appreciative for all the amazing family, friends and experiences I have had. 

My love affair with Macarons is eternal.

I was lucky enough to travel and visit some amazing places and do some really fun things. This Summer I spent a week in Tunisia for a relaxing sun soaked holiday with my Sister and we ended up making a great friend with someone from Wales whilst we were there. She comes down to London and we go up to Cardiff to visit each other (we're basically the friend version of Gavin and Stacy!)

I finally got to go to a festival that I had wanted to go since I was 17, Benicaissim! Seeing  one of my favourite bands ever ever ever, Arctic Monkeys. Reliving my youth and falling in love with The Killers all over again. I got to spend a week with one of my favourite ladies Sally, swaning from beautifil Madrid, to Benni for the festival and beach chilling and finishing in Valencia. 

One of the best trips was Paris with my Mum and Sister for an extended girly weekend, where I truely fell in love with the city.  Eating late at night outside, drinking wine, eating cheese, multiple pastries, visiting Versailles. It was so good to share the time with two of the closest women and biggest inspirations in my life. 

With the year coming to a close and Christmas approaching. The end of November had me and 3 of my best friends enjoy a festive and wintery trip to Chicago. Experiencing Thanksgiving, The parade and delicious pizza.

Saying yes and doing things that I wouldn't usually do/ would usually make me feel like an awkward turtle helped me get out of my comfort zone. The friends I've had for years and the new friends which I made this year, who have either spent a lot of time with or shared some great experiences with you have made this year extra great as well as my loving and supportive family, I feel so blessed to have you all in my life.

Palma Violets, Haim, CHVRCHES, The 1975, Jake Bugg, Temples, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers.

My first full year with my main man Mr Gatsby. 

The many afternoon teas that were consumed in 2013, I hate to think how many calories and carbs were in all of these combined... totally worth it though!

War Horse, Singing in the Rain, Charlie and the Choclate Factory, Rocky Horror, Woman in Black, Dirty Dancing, Matilda.

I love castles and palaces... did you guess?

The year was sponsored by Tetley, Mr Kipling, The Westend and The National Trust.

By Jaymie and Jewellery by Jaymie branched out with illustrated designed phone cases, notebooks, cushions, sunglasses, mugs and patterned prints. My jewellery and embellished sunglasses were used in various pretty photo shoots and the Olivia Shade was even spotted in Teen Vogue. A massive thank you to anyone who has purchased something from my shop, commissioned an illustration, took the time to read, comment on a blog post or instagram picture with kind words and support. 
You are literally the best! (gush)

Here's to wishing everyone the best of New Years. I hope it is filled with health, happiness and love. Enjoy any festivities you may be taking part in, keep safe and warm. See you all in TWENTYFOURTEEN!

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