Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

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Strolling through the streets of Chicago.

Well, well, well! How the devil are you all? I feel like I haven't blogged or communicated via By Jaymie in YONKS! I always mean to start a post and then I have no inspiration, time or I forget... but it's just over a week 'til Christmas and I'm sure everyones busy with socialising, buying, working, wrapping, drinking, eating and watching festive films (ELF on repeat, nor?) This has always been my most favourite time of year and with each year that I grow older I still have a huge space in my heart for Christmas. What's on everyones list to Santa this year? 

I've been back from Chicago for two weeks now and wanted to share some of my favourite snaps, an eclectic mix of Chi-Town!

View from Willis Tower observation deck, Wicker Park, Speak Easy tattoo parlour, Flamingos at Lincoln Park Zoo, 
Beautiful Michigan Avenue, Chicago Theatre. 

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